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Hello my name is Deb, and I am really looking forward to re-connecting with you. In the time I have been away from Absolute Soul Secrets, I have been resting, reflecting and readying myself to share my psychic abilities which have grown and expanded to the next level.

I have been psychic for as long as I can remember. At the age of 6, I became aware of a spirit around me that I named Blue Lady, as she had a blue hue all around her. She was calm and serene and I could communicate with her without speaking. She is still with me today and comes through when she is needed during my readings.

As a professional reader for more than 35 years, my clients tell me my readings are warm, sensitive, honest, straight forward, non-judgemental and give direct options. Many times in life we come to a crossroad and wonder which path to take. I can help you achieve clarity and direction. I get to the heart of the matter quickly and I am accurately in-tune with feelings and timelines.

My honest insights will help empower you. I can put things into perspective, walking you through any emotional discomfort and blocks so that you can release these blocks that are holding you in one place, preventing you from moving forward. Whether it be about relationships, business, financial, family, emotional or any of life’s issues, I can provide options, opportunities, tools and timelines for you.

I am able to see what is, and what can be. The more I learned to trust my abilities the stronger they became. My psychic abilities are:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Clairsentience
  • Channelling
  • Distant Healing
  • Emotional Healing
  • Pet Psychic
  • Tarot

I also have a very strong rapport with all animals (I have 4 dogs of my own). I have found a lot of lost pets along the way.

My readings come through with the highest integrity for you. Feel free to give me a call if I can help you in any way.

If you would like a reading from me please use my ID No. 2035.

Psychic Deb from Absolute Soul Secrets

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Country: NZ
Starsign: Gemini
ID Code: 2035


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Reviews for Deb

Deb is rated 5.7/6 from a total of 24 Rated Reviews.

Much gratitude to you Deb not just for your psychic insights but for your wisdom and guidance in moving forward and putting this crazy situation in perspective. I will follow your advice and make my way to New York and might do NYE in Time Square! Still hurts but I’m determined to keep moving forward. Big hugs.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Margaret review:

Hi Margaret, I was so pleased to receive your lovely review but even more pleased you are heading to New York… you will have a wonderful time. I will be thinking of you on NYE and wishing I was there. :)


Deb, I asked you for the short and sweet of it - and that is what you gave me. I appreciate your honesty and will hopefully move forward quicker now armed with the truth. Thank you.

Libran WA
Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Libran WA review:

Thank you for your lovely review Libran and you are most welcome. As always I share my messages with honesty and truth. Hope you have a fab Xmas and New Year too. :)


Thank you so much Deb - I look forward to everything unfolding during the next three months. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Bec review:

Thankyou Becca for your lovely review. I hope you have a wonderful Xmas and New Year also. :)


For the past 2 years, I have been having readings with Deb. She has helped me beyond words with her clear accurate guidance, non-judgemental and compassionate way. She always tunes in to the situation straight away. Many of her predictions have come about. She is simply wonderful, and I always come back to Deb when I can’t see a way. She gently guides me back in the right direction. Thank you Deb.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Tracey review:

Hi Tracey, thankyou so much for your lovely review. It is my pleasure to give you the guidance I receive to help you on your journey. :)


Deb is the real thing. She picked up on my situation accurately straight away and talked me through my issues in a calm, friendly and nonjudgmental manner. I enjoyed her supportive communication style and her valuable insights. Will consult with her again.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Tina review:

Thank you so much Tina for your lovely review. I was more than happy to help you figure out which direction to take for your situation. It was lovely to see so much positive coming up for you in the near future.


Not happy with the reading at all, I asked questions and the answer provided was way wrong then when I questioned her response, she said but this and that. This reading was horrible.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Cathy review:

I am really sorry Cathy that you didn’t hear what you wanted to hear. I was just sharing what I was getting from spirit around your situation. I wish you all the best.


Thankyou Deb! What an amazing reader! My first time speaking with you on limited time, yet you tuned in right away. You answered all my many questions and are indeed accurate with timelines as your bio says. I’m very excited to have had the opportunity to speak with you and will defer to you for future insight and guidance. Many thanks! xxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to S. review:

Thankyou S for your lovely review. I am always happy to answer your questions to help you on your journey.


Deb thank you so much once again, you have been amazing each & every time I speak to you. You have picked up my situation quickly & helped me & have been my guiding angel every time. You always help me find the clarity I am looking for. Bless you beautiful lady.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to T. review:

Hi T. Thank you so much for your lovely review. It’s lovely to know that I’m helping you on your journey. It’s all about to unfold for you. Let the adventure begin!


As always, Deb reminded me to trust my own intuition and not listen to those whose views or vibrations don't match my own. Thanks Deb... you're awesome! Best wishes.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Alex review:

Thank you Alex for your lovely feedback. As always it was a pleasure reading for you.


As always Deb picks up on the main issues very quickly. It’s a pleasure and very comforting speaking with Deb. Tuned into exactly what I needed to hear. Lovely lady.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Alex review:

Thankyou Alex for your lovely feedback. I always enjoy reading for you, answering those difficult questions and guiding you with your direction. It’s nice to see my regulars moving forward and doing well.


An awesome lady. I found her reading very helpful and I felt more calm and prepared for life’s experiences. She is a genuine and warm psychic.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jean review:

Hi Jean, many thanks for your lovely review. I was happy to help you put things in perspective.


Thumbs up! Really good!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Anonymous review:

Thanks for the thumbs up Anon! I am so please I am able to be of help. x


I find Deb very friendly. She listens and gives good guidance. I have had a few readings with Deb and they have been spot on.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Tracey review:

Thank you Tracey for your lovely feedback. It’s my pleasure to help guide you on your journey. All the best.


3 of Deb’s predictions came to truth. She always can see a big picture and hits the point during all the readings!!!

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Ferfer review:

Thank you Ferfer for spending the time to share this feedback. It’s nice to hear that the guidance I have given you has come to fruition. All the best to you.


Thank you Deb for helping me with the questions I asked of you. I feel much better now within my mind that things are going to happen, but they are just going to take time and I will try to be patient. You reminded me that I have so much to look forward to which I tended to forget. I will focus my energies on the next two weeks on my course with the hope that a job in September will come my way.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Jacqueline review:

Thank you for your feedback Jacqueline. I’m pleased to hear I made a difference and helped you to see your direction more clearly. Enjoy!


A huge thank you Deb. You where spot on. In the reading you gave me you were kind, gentle and to the point. What you said I was going through and the guidance to assist me in this situation was 100% accurate and clear. Your guidance helped me so thank you. I would strongly recommend you.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Maria review:

Thank you so much Maria. It really warms my heart to receive such lovely feedback. So glad I could be of help.


Hello Deb. Thank you. I had a reading with you when I was in a confusing and baffled state of mind. I doubted your words but YOU WERE 100% right!!!! Thank you Deb, your accurate, kind and gentle reading was appreciated. xxxxx

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Caterina review:

Hi Caterina. Thank you so much for your lovely review. Sometimes it’s hard to accept the hard stuff but then life takes care of us in wonderful ways. I’m sure you are on the upward swing now and things will keep getting better. All the best.


I had a very short reading with Deb. It wasn’t bad but has been a completely different reading with a different outcome than any other reader I have spoken to. Maybe Deb’s prediction is the right one over the 7 other readers that have said the exact same thing. I’m not sure. However I don’t think I would ring Deb again as I just didn’t feel we connected very well and sometimes that happens.

Absolute Soul Secrets reply to Felicity review:

I’m sorry you felt we didn’t connect Felicity, and I wasn’t able to give you the information that you were looking for. I wish you all the best.


Wonderful reading. Thank you Deb for easing my nerves. xx


A very insightful reading and quick to key into the key issues.


Oh wow Deb you truly are amazing! Thank you so much for guiding me on the right path, and for the light bulb moment!. I'm so excited!. You really are a beautiful Angel! I can't thank you enough!




Thank you Deb you are a real treasure. Accurate 100%. Your advice excellent. You have helped me through some severe adversary in recent times.


Brilliant, genuine reading. Clarification given. Deb is to the point and offers tools if needed to overcome obstacles. Appreciated.


Deb is a compassionate and understanding person who has clear insight, which provides clarity and awareness to a situation in which I struggled with such heartfelt loss. The hope I feel in understanding, instills me with the light and love which dimmed a little, now shines so brightly. Though time will tell what may come to pass, my fears and doubts have been outshone by a positivity and bright excitement throughout me. Thank you Deb. You are truly wonderful.


Just a short note to say that Deb is fantastic. Her accuracy, insight and patience is just a short list of attributes. Thank you as always.


Deb is great. I always ring her when life overwhelms me. Deb gives me common sense positive guidance that always lifts me out of the hole I am in and helps me see a way forward. Her advice is spot on. Deb is reliable and consistent in her approach. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Deb is a very accurate and honest reader. She has helped me out when I needed. Her caring and trustworthy nature is a breath of fresh air. I have no hesitation in recommending her for any readings. Great. Thank you.


All I can say is thank you for being straight up and honest with me. You have helped me move forward and get a good grasp on the situation as it really is! Thank you so, so much.


Thank you Deb. You are amazing. I will definitely be calling again.