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Your Horoscope for March 2023

Horoscope Overview for March 2023

Welcome to March, a mega month of substantial astrological importance!

Passionate Fiery Emotions

Firstly, both February and March are the only months to have no retrogrades or eclipses. However, we do have the unusual occurrence of seven planets changing signs. We’ll go from a relatively balanced element month in February to a month with a preponderance of fire and water. Expect plenty of passionate fiery emotions in March which are set to burst forth. It’s a good time to write your feelings down in a journal and take the edge off those emotions.

There’s also a power packed Aries stellium with Venus, Jupiter and Chiron which could bring up an old wound for healing and release. You may find yourself liberated in some way which could expand your life or your relationships.

Worm Full Moon in Virgo 7th March

The Worm Full Moon in Virgo on the 7th highlights the need for organisation and systemisation of different areas of your life. Get that chaos under control! The Aries New Moon on the 21st brings fiery and spontaneous new beginnings and more activity… try to do it in a considered way.

Saturn Moves into Pisces Bringing Sensitivity

Saturn moves in Pisces on the 7th and whilst it’s not completely at home here, there is some space for negotiation or movement. Try to be a little bit flexible with your structured ideas. You may be called to change your mind, or something needs tweaking to get the best out of a situation. Saturn in Pisces brings great sensitivity, so you’ll probably be more aware and intuitive than usual. Although initially it may feel somewhat awkward or uncomfortable, especially with open displays of emotions, Saturn will be here until May 2025 so there’s plenty of time for you to get used to it.

Pluto Ingresses into Aquarius 23rd March

Pluto ingresses into Aquarius on the 23rd where it will be until June 11. It then goes back to Capricorn (what we’re used to) and then on January 20 it moves again into Aquarius for the next 20 years – 2044! This elicits a sense of humanitarianism due to various world events and technology which will to soar ahead in leaps and bounds.

Political Transformation

There is likely political transformation when the collective will rise up against restrictive political parties and leaders. Those leaders who seek to control and dominate will be ousted and people power will reign. Minority groups and women will be given more power. It will be a time of ‘goodbye dominating dictator’ and ‘hello protective facilitator’ and there will be more cooperation between governments and their people.

A New World Order is Coming in 2024

A new world order is coming and eventually, it will be a time of more equality and respect for the Earth and all her inhabitants. On a personal level, you may also see dramatic changes with your friends, groups and associations. Your hopes and dreams will also be transformed in many unexpected ways. Transformation will be the theme from 2024 onwards, but we get a sample of this from March through to June this year. Wishing you a very insightful month!

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