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image of a beautiful child happy with both her parents who are co-parenting

Date: 09.08.16 Author: Psychic Chris

Co-Parenting with your Ex – is it possible?

Divorce or separation can be difficult enough for the adults to comprehend. But think for a moment…How is your child coping with this? Can you put your feelings aside and co-parent with your ex to ensure your child continues to thrive no matter what?

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image of woman looking through a door of opportunity surrounded by question marks

Date: 23.06.16 Author: Thomas


Have you ever spent countless hours, days or even years beating yourself up by asking ‘Why?’ Why did he stop loving me? Why couldn’t I let go? Read this very thoughtful article from Psychic Thomas.

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image of an unkind man treating a customer badly

Date: 14.06.16 Author: Rose Smith

Why Are Some People Unkind

Why are some people unkind? We have to remind ourselves that it is never about us. Usually those people who lash out with unkind or rude behaviour, generally don’t feel very good about themselves. Being unkind can be a side-effect of being depressed.

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image of a cute tabby kitten playing in the long grass

Date: 06.04.16 Author: Holly

Animal Messages from the Cat

We can really learn a lot from animal messages and totems. If you’ve been noticing the appearance of cats around you, they might be trying to tell you to set clearer boundaries by saying ‘no more often. Psychic Holly explains.

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image of woman holding sign control your life

Date: 24.03.16 Author: Rose Smith

Taking Back Control of Your Life

Have you blindly lost control or started heading along the wrong path because you have chosen to try to live up to others’ expectations? Taking back control of your life is totally doable through self-awareness, and stepping away from negativity.

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image of a beautiful green goanna

Date: 21.03.16 Author: Holly

Animal Messages from the Goanna

Psychic Holly saw a goanna in her own back yard on the 8th March, the day of the new solar eclipse. Holly felt it was timely to share with you the meaning of messages from the goanna. Goannas represent new beginnings, transformation and protection.

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image of couple in their midlife going through a crisis

Date: 12.09.15 Author: Rose Smith

Dealing with a Midlife Crisis

Anger, fear, depression and hopelessness are some of the many emotions you feel during a Midlife Crisis. It can be difficult to see the big picture and shake the overwhelming feeling of disappoint. Focus on the achievements in your life instead!

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image of woman showing masks with different attidute

Date: 21.05.15 Author: Rose Smith

Do Bad Things Happen To Good People

So how can you shake the feeling that bad things happen to good people? Start focusing on the positive and letting go of the negative. Take bad things, with a grain of salt. It’s all about perspective and your attitude too.

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image of silhouette minds surrounded by numbers

Date: 14.05.15 Author: Holly

How Numbers Influence Our Lives

If you are seeing or noticing numbers around you more often, then this could be spirit trying to send you a message. Read Psychic Holly’s story about how tuning in to Number Sequences and messages has changed her life.

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image of angry woman with steam coming out of ears

Date: 07.05.15 Author: Rose Smith

Why Am I So Angry All the Time

Are you usually mad at people in your life for insignificant reasons? Do you become angry at minor inconveniences? If you answered yes to these questions, you might have a problem with controlling your temper.

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