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woman motivated running up the hill

Date: 09.10.14 Author: Rose Smith

Simple Rules of Motivation

Staying motivated may seem hard. But it is not. It is all about not letting negative thoughts control your mind. Read this snippet article from Rose about believing in yourself to get motivated!

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image of silhouette hikers climbing a steep mountain

Date: 02.10.14 Author: Rose Smith

Conquer your Fear of Failure

Everybody has goals they want to accomplish; buy a house, start a family or get that dream job. But people are often held back by one nagging emotion – fear. Fear of change, hard work and ultimately, failure.

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image of lonely woman looking sad

Date: 20.05.24 Author: Rose Smith

How To Deal with Loneliness

Feeling lonely? Believe it or not, making new friends and broadening your social circle is a lot easier than you think…provided you are prepared to put some effort in. Read our tips on how to connect with new friends.

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12 different beautiful landscapes on selection grid

Date: 31.07.14 Author: Rose Smith

What Does Your Future Hold Earth Elements Oracle

What does your future hold? Consult our Earth Elements Oracle to determine the predominant energies in your life. Choose a landscape you feel most drawn to from our Earth Elements grid and read the interpretation.

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image of ruins in the clouds

Date: 15.01.14 Author: Rose Smith

Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing involves healing your family tree, which includes both you and any descendents you have. Our ancestors pass down energetic patterns of thoughts, illnesses and karma which can effect every part of a person’s life.

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image of jack russell terrier with leash in mouth

Date: 27.09.13 Author: Judith

Psychology and Pets

It is well known that one can draw a conclusion about a person, by looking at their pet. Some people even look like their pets, thus the pet can be an extension of themselves. Read this fun article to see if your pet reflects the image of you!

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image of plants during the four seasons

Date: 27.09.13 Author: Rose Smith

Solar Consciousness

Spring has passed us by, now summer skies of blue and wisps of faint white clouds appear. The changing season is hopefully a time of finding the correct balance between family, life, work and relaxation.

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image of woman meditating in the pink sundown

Date: 27.09.13 Author: Rose Smith

Power Manifestation Secrets

Whilst The Secret and The Power (haven’t read it yet obviously) no doubt, carry good positive messages, Rose Smith believes these books miss a main power manifestation secret.

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image of the earth nurtured by two hands

Date: 27.03.24 Author: Rose Smith

All for One One for All!

Often as we go about the hurly burly of our daily lives, we can lose consciousness of our relationship with the rest of the world and her inhabitants. Connect with the universe and focus more on love, abundance and vitality.

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image of man with computer under the water

Date: 27.09.13 Author: Psychic Michaela

When You Find Yourself Outside Your Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is a place of security; comfort (naturally) safety and protection. When you find yourself outside your comfort zone, stepping outside can be scary and lonely but over time will bring you joy.

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