Animal Messages from the Goanna

Animal Messages and Totems

The Goanna

image of a Goanna outside Psychic Holly's yard

Goannas primarily teach new beginnings and protection, both spiritually and physically. They emit an energy teaching us to protect ourselves in these ways. They are a shedding reptile, so also influence transformation, and because they are not nocturnal they also teach the need for proper rest during the night.

Like all reptiles they also ask us to pay close attention to our dreams, as there will be messages within those dreams for us to interpret in our daily lives.

Because of my love and interest in animal totem messages, I was absolutely blown away when I returned home from dropping my young son off to school on the morning of the 8th March (the day of the new moon solar eclipse) to find an amazing goanna on my back verandah!

At first I was understandably scared (check out my photo), but having this huge reptile turn up in my back yard on the day of the new solar eclipse made it even more special, especially when this eclipse so powerfully influences new beginnings.

Animal Message interpretation from Psychic Holly.

Author: Holly