Use a Relationship Psychic to Overcome a Friend’s Betrayal

image of woman at the hairdresser hearing nasty gossip about her best friend

Your best friend slept with your ex. They stole from you. They shared a confidence with others. They gossiped about you. The list could go on and on, as could the motivations. Perhaps they are jealous, secretly annoyed, or suffering from low self-esteem themselves. Regardless of their rationales, their actions have hurt you and now you have to decide what to do about your friendship and reclaiming your life.

The first step is to determine whether their action was a conscious one. Betrayal to one person may not be the same to another. Here is where a tarot card reading may assist, perhaps asking if that person is beneficial to you. In this manner you may give yourself time to decide how you want to react based on what their beneficence (where their heart is) towards you is, and react from a place of strength and forgiveness.

Speaking of forgiveness…

Forgiveness is essential to your own soul, not because they have asked or deserved it, but because you deserve peace. Forgiveness is quite literally the first stage in you overcoming the betrayal and moving on with your own life. It is a conscious decision on your part to journey past the hurt.

If you find yourself holding on to the anger and pain, try envisioning your heart as simply a holding place for all of your emotions. Picture the rage and hurt taking up space in your Heart Locker, how much space are they taking up? With those emotions taking up that much room, maybe there isn’t room for the good emotions, so now it’s time to make room for the positive emotions like love, joy, compassion.

Envision a happy thought, any happy thought. It could be a completely unrelated memory or the hope of what might yet come. A relationship psychic can even assist you in defining a potential for your future with a telephone or online reading if you are having trouble coming up with one your own. Hold those positive emotions in your vision and imagine them pushing the negative ones out.

Forgiving does not automatically mean you must commit to remaining friends, either. Friendship requires trust and mutual respect. If you believe you’d like to find a way to salvage the relationship, you need time to heal and they need to demonstrate that they understand your feelings. This doesn’t mean you should hold their betrayal over their heads (this goes back to forgiveness), but you also don’t have to say you’re “over it” when you’re not.

Set boundaries for the relationship in the beginning. Maybe only see one another in groups of people or for set periods of times (an hour for coffee or a meal, etc.), and certain subjects are off limits. Perhaps you’d rather they didn’t simply call you to chat on the phone and instead make appointments to meet via text or email. Make clear where your comfort level is, communicating what you need in kindness and, if your friend is serious about saving the relationship as well, they will respect those limits.

And if they don’t? If the betrayal was too much or you find they aren’t respecting your boundaries? Breaking up is hard to do, even when it’s just a friendship, but you have to do what is right for you. This is why you need to allow yourself time to reflect, discover if it is worth saving, and if it’s not you can move forward in confidence.

This isn’t to say you won’t grieve, because you will, but their poor decisions are their fault, not yours.

Spend time with people who treat you right, meet new people, and eventually the grief and pain won’t be as front and center as it feels today. Consult your horoscope and astrology to know more about your relationship and friendship path.

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Author: Rose Smith