Animal Messages the Butterfly

Animal Messages and Totems

The Butterfly

image of a beautiful yellow and black butterfly representing animal messages

Butterflies have always been one of my favourite insects. It had only occurred to me when I began really looking at the powerful messages that totems have to share and teach with us is, when I realise that butterfly symbolisms had been around me my whole life.

They primarily teach transformation. This made so much sense to me as the reason why I have always been so drawn to these beautiful creatures.

If you have been seeing butterflies, get ready for big changes in your life, changes where old habits and ways of thinking and being will go through ultimate transformations so that new life can begin.

It is time to implement the changes you’ve been considering. It also is a time to lighten up and not take everything in life so seriously. Expression of colour is also taught through butterfly totem along with joy, and is the symbol of the soul.

Animal Message interpretations from Psychic Holly.

Author: Holly