How Numbers Influence Our Lives

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Many people everywhere I talk to no matter where I go, are starting to see numbers more and more. It has been such a cool rush for me to connect with these people and be able to help them understand that they are not alone on this interesting phenomenon. I have been helping people for years understand how numbers influence our lives. It’s about opening up a whole new world of feeling carried by the universe, through decoding and understanding the meaning and messages from spirit through these numbers.

Even if you haven’t noticed before and find suddenly you are being drawn to particular numbers or number sequences, know that once you start to be open to this idea, you will begin to see numbers all the time and feel comforted by knowing in a big way, that you are never alone. The accuracy of the meaning to what is happening in your life at the time of seeing them is amazing. Numbers really do become a part of your life for good. Seeing numbers has been one of the coolest discoveries for me during my awakening (which lead me to becoming a professional psychic).

We all love to know that we are on the right path in life, so receiving number messages is a great way to receive this reassurance. The first number you usually start to see is 11.11. This number code is a wakeup call and is believed to be the code that tells us to remember our purpose in life. I have found that earth angels see this number often as a way to remind them to be a beacon of light for others and to continue on their path and help others do the same. It’s the number of initiation into messages through numbers.

Paying attention to numbers has changed my life!

My first full on experience with seeing numbers after the initial 11.11 was mind blowing and an experience that I will never forget. It really has changed my life in a big way. One night I was sound asleep when I awoke abruptly, sat upright and then spun around to look at my alarm clock. I felt a sense of urgency to do this. It was really weird as this had never happened to me before. It’s funny as I like most people now use my mobile phone as my alarm to wake up. However, my phone was not working (a common ascension trait) so I had purchased a digital clock.

The time on the clock read 5:55. As I was looking at the time I heard a very soft but stern female voice telling me was like she was telling me an order of events that was going to happen to me. I was half asleep, but I knew that I had to remember what she said when I got up in the morning. I went back to sleep and upon waking at the usual time of 8am, I could not for the life of me remember what she said! I only remember that she was telling me an order of events that would take place. It was frustrating not remembering her words, but also really fascinating because I had never experienced this type of urgent awakening from my bed before, and hear a voice like I did that morning.

Any time I experience something that I feel is significant to me spiritually, my first reaction is to do some major research. So I jumped on the internet and typed in a search for the spiritual meaning of the number 555. I found a site by a woman named Joanne Sacred called Angel Numbers, and to my surprise, there were meanings for numbers from 1 to 1400! So excitedly I clicked on number 555 to find out what it meant for me.

555 indicates that major life changes are in store for you – in a very big way! Angel Number 555 tells us that significant changes and transformations are here for you and you have an opportunity to break out of the chrysalis and uncover the amazing life you truly deserve as a spiritual being. Your true life purpose and path are awaiting you.

Develop your Spiritual Awareness

Seeing that very first number sequence in such a powerful way gave me the feeling of incredible inner knowing and truth from that message. It was the most wonderful experience for me because from that moment on, more and more number sequences started appearing to me in really cool ways. Seeing these numbers continue to validate my purpose as an ‘awakener’ for others, helping spread spiritual awareness. I always feel comforted knowing that I have spiritual protection and angels all around me, loving me and encouraging me even on the most darkest of days.

If you are looking to developing your own spiritual awareness, start paying attention to the numbers that you see. They could be a message for you from spirit.

I look forward to sharing with you the meaning of common Angel numbers in my next article.

Brightest Blessings,

Psychic Holly

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