Spiritual Healing

image of silhouette man meditating

Date: 28.08.14 Author: Rose Smith

Powerful Mantra Tips

Attract more love, abundance, success in your life and do a Mantra ritual regularly. The effectiveness of a mantra is more powerful if you have strong intention about what it is you wish to achieve, and then say it with conviction.

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Date: 23.08.14 Author: Rose Smith

Channel Positive Energy Into Your Life

How can we channel positive energy into our life? We can manifest into existence what we think and feel strongly about. Scientific studies have shown that our thoughts and feelings can dictate the outcome of events in our life.

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beautiful orange trees in winter

Date: 13.06.14 Author: Rose Smith

Removing Obstacles in Winter

Winter is a great time to create new beginnings and remove any obstacles that have been weighing you down. Rose Smith talks about how you can start creating positive change by doing a simple ritual during the Winter Solstice.

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image of the transform of the lotus flower in different colours

Date: 01.05.14 Author: Rose Smith

Transformation Ritual Ideas

Prepare yourself for transformation this Autumn. Transformation is a wonder thing, however it makes space for new and exciting opportunities to enter our lives. Read Rose Smith’s Personal Transformation Ritual Ideas.

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image of ruins in the clouds

Date: 15.01.14 Author: Rose Smith

Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing involves healing your family tree, which includes both you and any descendents you have. Our ancestors pass down energetic patterns of thoughts, illnesses and karma which can effect every part of a person’s life.

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Date: 27.09.13 Author: Psychic Michaela

When You Find Yourself Outside Your Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is a place of security; comfort (naturally) safety and protection. When you find yourself outside your comfort zone, stepping outside can be scary and lonely but over time will bring you joy.

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image of bright colourful vibrations

Date: 27.09.13 Author: Psychic Michaela

Vibrational Healing

During a vibrational healing session, universal energy is channelled out from the palms of the practitioner into the outer or inner aura and chakras (or energy centres). After a session, you may feel clearer and brighter.

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image of hands holding a wounded heart

Date: 27.09.13 Author: Rose Smith

Healing the Wounded Heart

The heart chakra is known as Anahata in Sanskrit and actually means “unhurt.” This alludes to the fact that at our very core, in Spirit we are perfect. We are unbroken, there is nothing to fix at the centre of our being.

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image of types of spiritual development to nurture your spirit

Date: 27.09.13 Author: Rose Smith

Spiritual Food

How many times have you heard the old cliché “Man does not live by food alone”? As humans, we have a myriad of requirements in order to sustain a life of quality and growth.

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image of woman embracing life at the beach

Date: 27.09.13 Author: Stephanie

Feeling is an Intuitive Awareness

The dictionary defines feelings as ‘an intuitive awareness’. Over the last three years, I have been working with the body through massage. During this time, I have become aware that so many people have blocked their ability to feel!

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