How to Get your Mojo Back and Live Your Heart’s True Desires

How to Get Your Mojo Back to Live Your Heart's Desires

Bottom line is, if you want your mojo back, you have to take action to get it back! Sitting talking about it just won’t cut it.

What Is Your Mojo?

Your mojo is your inner magic, your spark, personal power, motivation, drive and desires. It is your mindset, your personal and individual stamp that makes you who you are. Do you feel as though you are struggling to stay positive and motivated, in need of a freshen up, or have struggled for some time? Now your get up and go, has got up and gone? Then read on to identify some of the simple and enjoyable ways you can achieve your goals and your hearts true desires, while having fun along the way.

How Do You Lose Your Mojo In The First Place?

Losing your mojo can be triggered many ways, including lifestyle and negative environments or people. This may include illness, poor diet and sleep habits to the extreme of a major life changing event or loss in your life. Sometimes there will seem to be no rhyme nor reason to your mojo flagging, however, the good news is there are signs and symptoms that indicate your mojo could be heading for trouble.

The following are some of the mixed feelings you may experience. Burn out or fatigue, lack of confidence, flat, powerless and drained, lost within or overwhelmed with life responsibilities. Feeling as though your spark has gone out and at times losing sight of positivity or change heading your way any time soon.

Even as I write about some of the signs and symptoms of losing your mojo, I feel the heaviness that usually accompanies these confusing feelings and emotions.

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Left unchecked, it becomes quite easy to feel you are beyond being able to change anything and eventually give up. If this way of thinking becomes consistent you can actually manifest more of the same experiences. Heavy thoughts, negative self-talk, unhappy people and or experiences that may surround you can all keep that vicious cycle going.

How to Get Your Mojo Back

I mentioned earlier about your mojo being your mindset, did you know that changing your thinking can enable you to reclaim your power and forge closer to your dreams with clear direction and purpose? Better still, receive your heart’s desires and your greatest rewards through least effort!!

Remember your future is hinging on what you are thinking and feeling right now. Change your way of thinking to allow restoration of your mojo. If negative thoughts manifest to create difficult experiences, then the same must apply with regard to positive thoughts and feelings. When it comes to creating positive and abundant experiences, you need to focus on positive and abundant thoughts and feelings.

I will be one of the first to put my hand up and say that is much easier said than done at times. Especially during the heavy, negative times. You don’t have to do it all at once. You may not get it right each and every time, however taking small steps at a comfortable pace, will definitely create a difference in your present and future.

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Action Plan for Success

I believe a good plan is the backbone of success. Yes, it is possible to be successful and fly by the seat of your pants at times, however a clear plan will make your transition easier and more user friendly. Believe me. It’s time to practise some awesome self care.

Your plan should start with the desire to make changes to improve your overall well-being. Observe the areas of your life you feel are causing blockages, frustration, pain etc, or no longer support your direction forward. This will work best if your plan is made up of small realistic and achievable steps. I guess it is akin to climbing a mountain. You can’t stand at the bottom of the mountain and take one giant step to get to the top. You have to decide which way is going to be best for you to navigate your way to the top. Taking breaks along the way to not only check that you are still on the right track, but to also recognise and appreciate the progression already made.

What is Holding You Back?

Spend some time initially working out what it is you want to achieve. Observe triggers in your life that may be causing you to hesitate, self-sabotage or believe you don’t deserve to achieve your goals and hearts desires. These triggers can be attached to old outdated beliefs or fears that are no longer required in your life. Remember it is about your mindset and your ability to create a more positive headspace. The rest will naturally start to follow.

Your action plan is about rebuilding your confidence, your trust within yourself and gradually regaining your power back. If you are having trouble with the steps of your plan, start with a vision and or thoughts of your desired outcome. For example, the lifestyle you want to enjoy, the job you want to have, the type of experiences you wish to welcome into your life etc. Once you have got these in mind, work your way back to where you currently are. It will allow you to recognise the action required along the way to achieve your desired outcome.

Mojo Restoration Tips

Energy Detox

Whether that be from people, friends, family, work colleagues, alcohol, electronic gadgets, sugar, junk food, social media, etc etc. Consciously make more positive choices for yourself. You will notice positive improvement quite quickly after detoxing your energy. Remember heavy energy will lead to a negative mindset.

Be Your Best Supporter

Not your own worst critic. Remind yourself that you are being the best version of your authentic self… regardless of other’s views or criticism. It is so easy to lose sight of ourselves and our needs at times, especially if you are trying to travel someone else’s course. Be kind to yourself and find the direction that is best for you.


Make a conscious effort to recycle your negative emotions such as anger, frustration, sadness, confusion etc by reaching for thoughts and or actions that will bring you closer to your desires. Write affirmations when feeling the heavier emotions. They will help raise your vibration and bring more of a balance back to your current energy.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

Reach out and talk to someone if you are feeling swamped or emotionally burnt out. If you have become lost within your own direction, remember you don’t have to do this all on your own. By reaching out to someone that you trust, you will feel more empowered and more focused.

Shower Yourself with Positivity

Surround yourself with positive activities, people and experiences. Remember this is about finding ways to be less stressed and more positive and productive. Learn to love yourself and what you currently have. Floundering in negative energy will erode your spirit, floating in the positive will allow you to shine and achieve. Find solutions to areas of your life that you feel stuck with rather than focusing on the problem or dramas that may be a result of current dramas. Be open and aware of the signs that will direct or encourage you along the way.

Allow and Embrace

It is normal for many of us to feel that we have to be a step ahead of everything for our lives to run smoothly. Unfortunately, we often pack everything so perfectly into place that we don’t leave any room for change or movement to happen naturally. Yes, you still need your action plan and you need to have direction, however it is also important to remember to allow. Instead of feeling the need to fight something that feels like it doesn’t fit the way you thought it should, allow a little time to see what comes your way instead. This is where the greatest rewards through least effort comes in.

The clearer we are about what we want and desire, the better our experiences will be. I say it is like shopping online. It is all good and well to sit and make your selection and purchase… however it is not going to be any good to you if you aren’t home to receive it when it is delivered. The same applies with allowing. If we feel the need to control everything, you will run yourself ragged and burn out your mojo again. Allow, receive, stop resisting/ fighting against what is meant to be coming your way. It makes for a much more peaceful lifestyle.

All the Best Bits on How to Get Your Mojo Back

I mentioned that lifestyle, poor diet and sleep habits etc can also play a big part in mojo burn out. This is what I like to call the best bits of restoring your mojo. The following activities are suggestions of how to get your juices flowing again and get you passionate about life again. Add some of you own to the list, mix and match to find what works best for you and most of all enjoy:

Meditation, relaxation, walking, hobbies, music, cooking, sex, reading, yoga, grounding techniques, running, swimming, sleeping, healthy and nutritious foods, remaining hydrated, laughter, meeting new people or joining groups that you are interested in, journaling, reiki healing, working with crystals etc, are just some of the ways you can increase your productivity and focus, improve your lifestyle and your overall health and best of all creates a positive and fertile environment for change. You will be surprised how quickly you can turn things around, start feeling great about yourself and your choices directions.

Revert back to things that used to bring you happiness and enjoyment. Make a list of these activities. Be as extreme or as simple as you wish. Watching a movie, taking a walk, chatting to a friend, taking a bath in peace, etc etc. When you feel your motivation or positivity lagging, go to your list and pick an appropriate activity. This can be your go-to list when you are feeling blocked or flat. Eventually you will start to revert to joyful and happy experiences without having to consult your list. The fun and positive experiences will become your default rather than the negative and stressful thoughts and feelings.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by restoring your mojo, and best of all you will enjoy the process along the way. Decide to make some changes today. Need help making these changes? Give one of our talented psychics a call at Absolute Soul Secrets.

Author: Rose Smith