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Everybody Needs a Little Time Away

image of a relaxed woman reading a book on a hammock

This is something that I have mastered the art of!! Mind you, it took me some time to realise the ability to make these changes were within me all along. I used to be the complete opposite. At one time, my life was overwhelming on many levels. Actually I should say my lifestyle was overwhelming me on all levels. I would wake up tired and expect myself to jump out of bed and hit the ground running. I would spread myself too thin throughout my long and busy days, parenting working, daughtering, sistering, cooking, cleaning and wife-ing.

It seemed the harder and longer I worked, the less time, energy and somehow less money I seemed to have. I hadn’t had been able to afford a holiday in years. Sure I lived a very action packed life, but had never really taken time out to step away to break the “I’ve just got to do this first’ cycle. I had become a slave to my lifestyle.

Taking Time Out Tips

Life does seem to be speeding up, becoming busier, feeling we need to achieve more, being bombarded by outside influences telling you who you should be and what you should be doing and when you should do it. The months seem to just disappear and before we know it, another new year has begun. I found out the hard way that an over active, over stimulated lifestyle, was an expensive ticket to burning yourself out physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and any other ‘ally’ that you can think of!!

Taking time out is something that I have totally mastered as I mentioned, but it was not as easy as I thought it would be. Sounds silly I know! How hard can it be to take some time out, to relax, catch up with friends and family to reconnect with your partner, your children, yourself and your inner voice??

Being a Virgo that had lived such a busy/chaotic lifestyle, that had become hypervigilant due to constantly feeling the need to be at least two steps ahead of EVERYTHING, to try at least aim towards the person that others thought I should be. I actually felt like I was being selfish and letting others down to begin with. So yes, I found it quite hard to implement this important change initially. I reminded myself to start small, that it was ok to take small steps toward treating myself to something better. To start being kinder to myself.

Where To Start?

I started out with packing a picnic basket of snacks, lots of water, a spiritual magazine, towels, hats and sunscreen. I loaded the children into the car and backed out of the drive way. I felt very guilty and anxious as I drove away from the house – the local beach our timeout destination. I had visions of all the ‘jobs’ or things that needed my attention, however I promised myself I was going to create and be consistent with the change I not only wanted to see, but also desperately needed to feel.

Needless to say that a fantastic day was had by all. The children were content to do their own thing once we had arrived home – weren’t as demanding for my energy or attention and slept better than they had in a long time. I came home windswept, sandy, warmed and re-energised from the sun and the refreshed from the sea. Feeling happier within after recharging myself with relaxation, nature, laughter and peace. I even managed to read a few pages of my magazine. I sailed through the ever pressing housework and other things that I had been worrying about earlier in the day. I felt content for the first time in a long time. I found that this was such a good way to unwind and recharge, we would often go to the beach for an hour after school just to clear our thoughts, burn off any built up negativity or heavy doubtful energy that may have built up during the day.

Promise to Nurture Yourself with Time Out

That choice, that promise I made to myself to take time out, was the beginning of my enjoyable journey toward learning to take time. I realised how important it was to nurture yourself and allow yourself to switch off whether it be for 15 – 30 minutes a day, a weekend, a weeks’ holiday, a month. You will begin to feel the benefits immediately – just by being in different surrounds, away from the busy hum of your usual routine.

Meditation was another small step toward creating that peaceful, more relaxed space, both inside and out. It is said that around 15 minutes of meditation is equivalent to approximately four hours sleep. Having a peaceful, clear head along with a thought pattern that is positive and as decluttered and stress free as possible, can and will have an overall effect on you and your surrounds. Don’t be scared of meditation – there are no hard and fast rules apart from focussing on your breathing and allowing yourself not to think about all that awaits you when you open your eyes.

Taking Time Out Benefits

Taking time out has an overall positive effect on your life and lifestyle, your health, your emotional well-being and the way you perceive people and experiences. You can assist in raising your vibration by fuelling yourself with a balanced diet, plenty of sleep, and plenty of water – that does not count as coffee, tea, or ice cubes in your alcoholic beverage either.

You will be more productive in addressing and achieving what is on your to do list. The heaviness and uncertainty of how you used to feel when you were stressed, exhausted and felt like you were failing, has not only started to lift, but as I mentioned earlier will allow you a different perspective on what is going on around you, in turn giving you a better understanding of how best to manage each situation from a position of power and clarity, rather than taking a clouded stab in the dark.

When you are not busy over thinking or feeling the need to micro manage your own or someone else’s life, not worrying and feeling stressed about your circumstances, good things start happening. New experiences, opportunities, friends, money and better health are just some of the changes that you notice start creeping into your life. Purely because you have learned to relax, find some positivity in your life through taking time to nourish your soul, by finding what you enjoy doing, and making that a part of your time out plan too.

Be aware of the fact that worrying about what you feel you are expected to have, that you are not enough or that you need to burn yourself out trying to earn more, work harder or being better at … you actually lower your vibrational energy, you start becoming negative, your perspective starts sliding south and you end up inviting more negative and stressful experiences into your life through your cluttered, exhausted thinking.

Also be aware the more rested and relaxed you are the less worries you have in your life. The more frequently you take time out to recharge and feel better within yourself, the more you will invite the good and positive experiences into your life.

Don’t sit around fretting that you are under achieving. Get some clear and supportive insight into the small changes that you can incorporate into your life, and practise becoming more attuned to what you want in your life. Booking a psychic reading with one of the amazing telephone psychics at Absolute Soul Secrets for a quick and insightful way to rediscover what is important to you and those in your life. Remember you are not able to function at your best when feeling burnt out. Your psychic reading will highlight some heavy energy areas that you can work at eliminating from your lifestyle and allow you the clarity of thought and the inspiration to care enough about your own health and well-being to make positive choices and changes in your life.

This is your choice to live the life you desire. Your trusted psychic can help you navigate your way through these changes and give you the information you require to be in charge of your own destiny. Who knows, you may even inspire others around you to take charge of their lives and make a difference to their lifestyle and well-being.

Rose Smith
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