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Negative Energy – Yes It’s a Thing!

Negative Energy

Everybody has been affected by negative energy at some point in their lives. Sometimes we allow it and others to pull us down, when we really need to surround ourselves with people who pull us up.

Realistically, this may not always be possible, so how can you protect yourself? Rose Smith has some great tips and techniques you can use to help. Watch the video below!

Although we can’t necessarily see negative vibes directly, we can see the effects of it. It’s like electricity coming out of a power socket, we know it’s there even though it’s not visible to our physical eyes. We know it in part because we can certainly feel it!  Sometimes if comes from other people, sometimes it’s a placealmost like we can feel the ghosts of the pasts in a certain home or location. Sometimes it’s within us, we may feel negative and only see the bad points of a situation. Wherever the bad energy is coming from, we know the energy feels bad and we know it’s affecting us.

Different Types of Negative Energy

1. Protect Yourself from Negative People

Yes, we know them when we come across them – negative people! If we’re lucky we can avoid them and if not, we have to deal with them. You might have just met someone quite negative and you’ll know that when you walk away from them -almost instantly, you’ll feel better. Pay attention to your physical and emotional feelings and ask yourself ‘are they light or dark?’ Listen to the answer and act. You could feel tired or blocked around someone who is negative. Your feelings of well-being will decrease when you are around them. It’s important to protect yourself from negativity. If you pay attention, you can literally feel their energy flow – coming off them and onto you! Luckily it goes both ways, with good people you can literally feel the energy of positivity too! So surround yourself with this and be calm.

2. Negative Energy in Your Home & Environs

You may have felt the uncomfortable feeling of bad energy in your home or perhaps in someone else’s home. It’s important to get rid of negative energy where you live because your home is supposed to be your sanctuary. One way you can do this is to cleanse the energy field of your home. To remove the bad vibes in your house, sprinkle some salt in every doorway whilst doing a cleansing ritual burning smudge sticks. Say a few words of wisdom to release those dark vibes and stagnant energy to the light. Don’t forget to welcome in some good energy and white light to replace the darkness as nature abhors a vacuum. You need good vibes and white light to replace the old trapped energy. Essential oils such as lavender and peppermint oils will do the job.

You might also wish to cleanse your home with feng shui, crystals such as black tourmaline or herbs such as chamomile and sage. All of these are good energy cleansers.

One of the easiest ways to remove negative vibes around your house is by doing some general house cleaning. Notice how much better you feel when your home is clean. Declutter and reorganise to get rid of dark energy in your house. You can also ask energies to leave your home. Be firm and be strong. You may not realise it yet, but if you practice, you will work out that generally they will do what you say. You’ll soon feel the positive energy flowing around your home. If you’re uncertain or unsure, then get in a professional house cleanser to help clean your house energetically and if necessary physically.

It’s important to realise that both positive and negative energies are real.

Positive Energy

Energize yourself by cleaning your home, yourself and keeping a positive outlook on life. You’ll be feeling better and improve your health and wellbeing by focusing on positivity. Whenever you experience any negative self talk in your mind, imagine a waterfall washing all those negative thoughts and emotions away. Alternatively, you can imagine a blackboard with negative thinking written in thought bubbles and then see yourself with a blackboard eraser wiping all those negative words away.In a nutshell, be aware of the possibility of dark or grey energy but choose to focus on positive energy to lift your mood in every situation. Truth: You get more of what you focus on! Positive vibes are a simple yet effective boost to your health and well-being.

Signs of Negative Energy Affecting You

  1. You may be inexplicably critical of others for the smallest of reasons. You’re probably feeling uncomfortable, anxious or frustrated but may have a tendency to take it out on others.
  2. Negative emotions can lead to ill health or perhaps you feel generally rundown. Sometimes, this leads to stress impacting your gut health, your hormones and your immune system.
  3. You have problems sleeping – either getting to sleep or staying asleep all night. You may have racing thoughts occupying your mind, almost as if your mind is holding onto something which is doing you no good.

How to Heal Yourself by Dealing with Negative Energy

  1. Remove the negative energy people from your life if you can. Otherwise, try to avoid them as much as possible. If they are people you can’t avoid such as family members, it might be beneficial to gently leave not so subtle hints saying things like “Oh I didn’t realise you were so negative about such and such”.  Or perhaps “I didn’t know that such and such affected you in such a negative way”. If this doesn’t work, it may be necessary to say “I feel sad/frustrated/disappointed [whatever the emotion is] when you say [whatever they say]”. You may not be able to stop them saying it but at least you’ll have your say and get some of those blockages and feelings of your chest.
  2. Try to remain positive and upbeat even in the present of negative people’s energy. Imagine yourself with a glowing gold cloud around your aura as a form of protection if you do this.
  3. Associate with positive people who leave your feeling positive. As Jim Rohn once said “You are the sum of the 5 closest people around you”.
  4. Look after your own health and well-being with appropriate exercise or movement, eat clean fresh food, have time out in nature and meditate daily.

Some people tend to absorb energy and the feelings of others, if you are one, you are an Empath! Congratulations! You may absorb the feelings, thoughts and experiences of others so the most important thing to do is to look after yourself in this case.

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