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Apportation – Fact or Fiction

hands sharing energy with each other surrounded by glowing stars. Apportation of energy.

What is Apportation?

You might well ask “What is Apportation?”and think I’ve never heard of it! A quick look at the Collins English Dictionary shows the word “apport” is derived from the French word ‘apporter’, meaning ‘to carry to’ or ‘bring to’. It is used in several different ways and the three main types according to Melvyn Willin [1]. These are: teleportation, materialization, and dematerialization. A fourth type is the retrieval of an object, by a spirit, that was previously lost and then moved to the owner in a paranormal manner. Although the country of origin is unclear, various countries including Germany, England and Australia have been involved.

The terms Apportation, Teleportation and Materialization are used interchangeably, even though there are slight differences in the apport definition. All these are forms of psychic ability utilising paranormal transference of inanimate or living things, such as jewellery or flowers, from one location to another. The process of apportation consists of dematerialization and subsequent reintegration of an object, materialization, in a different place. It is often associated with poltergeist activity or séances (which we do not recommend). Teleportation is where existing items disappear and reappear in another location without any physical movement of that item.


Materialization is the disintegration of an object into subatomic particles and then the re-assembling of that object. However when that item reappears, some would say it was ‘created out of thin air’. At times the item appears completely formed and on other occasions, witnesses have observed the object was only partially reformed. The Gold Leaf Lady [2] is an example of a documented case.

Apportation has been recorded throughout history. It is a reported paranormal event – with much speculation that spirits, and other non-physical entities can manipulate the physical environment. Also, since apported items often defy physical laws, at least as understood by the participants in séances, there is an element of otherworldliness to them.

The most concise collection of scientific analysis, examining the occurrence of paranormal transference of solid objects, was completed 1928 – 1938. This was compiled by Elmer Chengery Pap, the Chief Chemist of the Hungarian Civil Service in Budapest. Titled, “Out of Thin Air?” [3], his intention was to study mediumistic phenomena in a scientific manner.

The word magic surrounded by a glowing wand

Chengery Pap designed a ‘metaphysical laboratory’ to ensure optimal control conditions for investigations. To this day this document provides an instructive example highlighting the challenges of studying mediums and paranormal events. This 10-year study has also now been debunked as there were numerous loopholes in the investigation, due in part to the era they were conducted in.

This phenomenon experienced mostly during séances, gained a somewhat tarnished reputation due to its misuse by fraudulent psychic mediums in the late 1800’s – 1900’s. There are many people in history, some who have been debunked as fraudulent, who have famously apported objects on a regular basis. The list includes Uri Geller [4], Sai Baba [5] and Australian apport Charles Bailey.

The Hypothesised ‘Science’ Behind It

The supposed substance Ectoplasm [6], appears to play a large part in the process of apportation. During a séance, some mysterious matter appears to emanate from a psychic medium (often from the mouth), while in trance. This ectoplasm may then take the shape of a face, a hand, or a complete body and is normally visible only in darkened rooms. It was apparently quite viscous, being a goo like substance rather than being like water.

Sometimes, levitation of material items would occur and this is sometimes explained as gradual increase of ectoplasm underneath the objects. Although in Christian tradition some mystical saints such as Saint Joseph of Cupertino (known as the ‘Flying Saint’) have no connection to ectoplasm. At the end of a séance the ectoplasm fades away, some say by returning to the psychic’s body. Other phenomena such as magnetism, odours and sounds have been known to accompany the process.

Please note the founder of AbsoluteSoulSecrets.com, Rose Smith does not recommend séances.

Purported Phenomena Examples:

A man was sitting in his New York penthouse apartment at 4AM. A wrapper of toasted and dried seaweed of the kind utilised as a wrap for sushi appeared from nowhere on a table beside him.

A family group had a picnic when suddenly a bunch of bananas appeared on the ground about two feet away from them.

A woman was watching TV when she heard a knock at her door. She got up to look but there was no one there. She went back inside and saw what looked like a human foot wearing a sock had appeared on her couch.

A family living in Chicago, claim that they have experienced dozens of such events over the last few years. These range from socks and underwear to an entire sofa that simply appeared similar to these events. [7]

An individual with a small package business picked up what he thought was a box at one of his stops, but when he tried to deliver it, it had disappeared.

Is it Real?

So, are these phenomena real? Can certain people really conjure up items by communicating with spirits? Like most spiritual practices, there are lots of things still unanswered.

It was only the recent past that any mention of UFOs was debunked by mainstream as fraudulent, fake, scams, and of the minds of conspiracy theorists. The US military has now released videos footage filmed by Navy officers containing UFO sightings and has a special unit dedicated to the presence of UFOs [8].

The paranormal may be unexplained but this doesn’t mean that at least some of it isn’t real.

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