image of numbers in numerology

Numerology is the science of numbers (but not in the western traditional mathematical manner).

Numerology is thousands of years old and has it’s roots in Egypt, Babylon and Greece, like manner other esoteric subjects. It involves numbers 1-9 and combinations thereof, all of which have a distinct vibration or frequency. The subject’s name and birthdate are used, which give rise to certain numbers influencing the subject’s life. These energetic patterns occur in cycles throughout the entire life cycle, therefore when using numerology it is possible to predict when and how these patterns will occur.

Some important concepts are the day and ruling numbers determined by your birthdate. You can influence the energy around you by living somewhere with an appropriate address for what you want. If for example relationships are important to you, go somewhere that adds up to the number 6 in the address e.g. no. 24 or no. 6. You might also choose a phone number that comes up as the number 6 e.g. 02 9333 6421 = 33, 3+3 =6.

Many of our psychics use numerology. See our free numerology section for a more detailed explanation.

Author: Rose Smith