image of the stairs to heaven

Mediumship is communication with those who have passed over, who often appear as spirit forms. Sometimes the dearly departed are actually channelled through the reader’s body. The voice of the medium may change and become similar to the person who has passed over. The medium may even take on the mannerisms and posture of the deceased.

It may sometimes take the medium a little while to prepare herself/himself for the influx of energy and she/he may make a few strange sounds initially. The communication may then come clairaudiently – that is the medium will experience a “conversation” with the deceased person. Sometimes this occurs with a vision. Often the departed wishes to inform close relatives or friends that he/she is safe and well.  The relatives are usually encouraged not to worry.

Often mediumship requires a deeper level of altered consciousness than in a normal reading. It can sometimes be difficult for the medium to speak when in this very remote subconscious place. However the rewards are usually worth the wait. Mediumship is not for the faint of heart. It requires trust in the processes of the spiritual universe by everyone concerned.

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Author: Rose Smith