image of psychic using palmistry in psychic reading

Our lives are in our hands. Not only do the lines on a subject’s hands reveal much about a person, but also too the shape, texture and general appearance of the hands. Welcome to the art of Palmistry.

Compare the palm of your right hand to your left for instance and you will notice a distinct difference. Some say the left hand is our destiny and the right hand is what we make of ourselves (this is if you are right handed, just reverse if you are left handed). It is also said that the left is the feminine aspect and the right is the male aspect.

During the course of our lives, the lines on our hands can change. It is not set in concrete what will happen to us or what our destiny will be. We are the architects of our lives, we are given certain opportunities and challenges and it is up to us to make the best of it.

The more conscious we are, the more awareness we have of our own freedom of choice and then our destinies can be transformed.

Author: Rose Smith