Past Lives

image of 19th Century Woman reflecting on past

We have all had past lives (thousands of them in fact). Ok, don’t believe me if you choose not to; you can subscribe to the current Christian idea that we’re here just once and then we get judged and some of us go to hell. Wow that’s a lot to look forward to then isn’t it? Your life must be fun if you’re going to be worried about being judged and possibly spending the rest of eternity playing dungeons and dragons in a fiery hellhole!

In fact Christianity accepted the doctrine of reincarnation up until the Council of Trent….go on, do some research and check! Christ believed in reincarnation (read your bible it’s in there when Christ said “‘Unless man is reborn, he cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven”). You must be reborn both spiritually and physically! Christ was a man and the Son of God so when he talked, he meant both spiritually and physically – do you get it?

Ok, here’s the truth as I currently know it through a lifetime of psychic experiences and visions. We are all immortal spiritual beings created as mirrors of God. By God – I mean the loving life force that permeates everything (not some old guy sitting up on a cloud telling us what to do, how to act and how to fit in with what everyone else wants). Every one of us mirrors an aspect of this life force energy. We return to this planet time and time again until we realise our greatness as Spiritual Beings. We learn and recognise energetic patterns. We become ONE and integrate various energies through the biggest lesson on this Planet which is……Relationships!; all sorts of relationships with each other, with the planet, with animals through families, through love, through lust. Whatever works to get us evolving and changing towards consciousness and awareness. It’s a big job and it takes a multitude of lifetimes to accomplish.

How do you know for sure you’ve had past lifetimes? Be open to the idea first. Then take notice when you visit somewhere unusual to see how you feel. There are clues all around. When I visited the Temple of Hapshepsut in the Valley of the Queens in Egypt, I felt instantly ill when I stepped off the bus. I was dizzy and then started to see flashes of light, then the visions started, I could see myself digging in the ground. I felt the heat and sweat as I toiled away moving earth and sand. I could feel my aching muscles and knew that this was my lot in life, destined to work until exhaustion and then an early death which I prayed for; anything to release me from this pain and suffering. I knew it all in an instant. If you open your mind and heart, you can know what has happened to you too.

It’s not all pain and suffering, some lifetimes are brilliant dazzling diamonds of love and fun. Meditate daily and allow your mind to wander, releasing your judgements and control. Eventually after sufficient practise (usually takes some years), you will spontaneously remember lifetimes especially when triggered by certain events e.g. meeting someone new or going somewhere you’ve never been before. I usually experience my past life memories like I am watching a film over the top of the situation I am in. I don’t have to close my eyes, the past life just appears which can make it very interesting when I am trying to have a conversation with someone. I once met a Christian Pastor and I saw us together in a monastery several hundred years previously.

Eventually we will all leave this planet and some of us will choose to come back as Angels and Spirit Guides to help out the remaining people with their various incarnations. Some of us will move onto other dimensions, perhaps losing our bodily appearance altogether, just appearing as visions of Light. How do I know?  Because I’ve seen it, that’s how!

Happy Incarnations,

Author: Rose Smith