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Healing Energy Unleashed: The Power of Reiki!

image of reiki healing hands in bright light

The Power of Reiki

What is Reiki? Reiki refers to rei meaning ‘high spiritual realms’ and Ki meaning ‘ Chi or life force’. Usui refers to Dr Mikeo Usui who received the Reiki energy after 21 days of fasting and meditation in Japan in 1922. Karuna translated from Sanskrit means “to take compassionate action to diminish the suffering of others”. This does not mean being manipulated by others to get you to feel sorry for them. It means that you will be open to the genuine suffering of others because you will become enlightened and realise we are all connected. This is an energetic principle, rather than something you just “think” about.

The Getting of Wisdom

The spirit of Reiki implies that we use wisdom to guide us in imparting the energy to heal ourselves as well as others.  Reiki can be likened to the motivating quality of all enlightened beings that are working to end the suffering of all humanity.

Ancient Egyptian Reiki?

Today, there are many schools of Reiki. Usui was the original; Karuna is a more recent advancement concentrating on the heart chakra and the third eye. Other schools of Reiki include Radiance, Seichem, Tera Mai to name just a couple. Although Usui has been passed down from Japanese origins, I believe Reiki to be much older than this. I believe it originated in Egypt thousands of years previously as I often see pyramids and Egyptian Priests and Priestesses while giving Reiki sessions. In spirit, I go back in time to Egypt where I watch healing rituals.

You will become a ‘true lightworker of the highest calibre’. As you develop Karuna or Usui Reiki in yourself and others, you will become more receptive to the healing energies and therefore your personal healing will be quickened. The more people and animals you practise Reiki upon, the clearer you will become. Every healing clears both you and the recipient of energetic blockages which exist in all time and spatial universes.

Reiki is:

  • Universal energy, which already exists in every living thing
  • A technique for accessing and applying universal life force
  • Completely safe in any situation at any time, especially for accidents and illness
  • Transformational and consciousness expanding
  • For individuals, groups, animals, plants and even food
  • Easily and safely combined with other techniques e.g. massage
  • Non-intrusive, natural and permanent
  • Heart opening, relaxing and stress releasing

Reiki is not:

  • A religion, a cult, a belief system, a dogma or a specific doctrine
  • A form of hypnosis or mind control
  • A form of psychic healing where personal energy is transferred
  • A form of wishful thinking, positive thinking or an idea. Thinking is not involved
  • A medical or massage technique
  • Transferred other than by the correct attunement process which is performed “hands on” in person, by a   recognised Reiki Master. The attunement is not available via distance or internet methods. The attunement process does not occur using the symbols without the direct hands on application by a Karuna Master.

The True Purpose of Reiki

You can use Reiki for the following purposes:

  • Increase the body’s ability to heal itself
  • Clear and release karmic, ancestral and energetic blockages
  • Connecting to your Higher Self
  • Creating a higher state of conscious awareness
  • Creating a sense of trust in life and yourself
  • Clearing the mental processes and helping to heal addictions and relationships
  • Healing unconscious patterns and helps manifest targets and increases creativity
  • To develop your healing and psychic abilities eg clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience

Many of our Psychic Readers are qualified Reiki Practitioners using both Usui and Karuna methods. Find a Reiki Practitioner or Master today on our website and have a healing session!

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