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Spiritual Healing – Renewing the Self!

image of healing hands

What is Spiritual Healing you may very well ask?

Even though we are infinite and immortal beings having a physical experience, our Spirits can be fragmented off from our awareness, particularly when we have been traumatised by life events. Even being born can be a trauma!

In fact, we actually reincarnate to this planet to retrieve and heal parts of our Spirit that have been energetically damaged in previous lifetimes. It is our mission here to make ourselves as whole (holy) as possible. We will return to this planet again and again until we evolve and become fully aware of who we really are – Infinite Immortal Spirits. There are many forms of Spiritual healing including:

  • Hands on healing e.g. Reiki (Karuna, Usui, Seichem and Tera Mai are some Reiki modalities).
  • Being prayed over (by people with good enlightening intentions)
  • Past Lives therapy
  • Reconnective Healing
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Massage with a Spiritually focused massage practitioner
  • Flower remedies e.g. Australian Bush Flower remedies
  • DNA, Theta, Orion therapies
  • Rebirthing
  • Psychic Readings with a genuine psychic who cares about your wellbeing
  • Even talking about your issues to a trusted confidante who really listens to you without judgement can be a form of Spiritual Healing

It’s very important to know that Spiritual issues affect every part of you, as your life revolves around you and your relationship to your Spirit.

As your Spirit is the basic template of your life, there will be issues with your thinking, your emotions and your physical body to the extent that your template Spirit is damaged or cut off from your awareness. To explain this in more detail, it’s a simple concept if you think of dressmaking as an analogy.

Say for example you want to make a pair of new trousers. If you start with the wrong pattern – say a pattern for a frilly blouse, you may think you’re on the right track as you cut and sew. After all there are two long pipe looking things, (perhaps for your legs?) so it might look correct at the start of the endeavour. However it’s not until your garment is finished and you try it on that you realise your legs don’t look very good going down those armholes! You are an interesting sight indeed!

And so it is with our life plans! If we start something working from a damaged or imperfect idea (often unbeknown to us), it is usually not until we get well into the project or relationship that we realise there are problems. It is a part of our Spirit being recreated in the physical world. Our ‘problem’ is a mirror of ourselves. Our ‘relationship’ is a mirror of ourselves. That is why we can all do with a bit of Spiritual Healing from time to time.

Rose Smith
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