image of tarot cards and candles
Tarot, an ancient method of divination has been around for thousands of years involving cards consisting of a major and minor arcana along with Court cards (Kings, Queens, Pages and Knights for example). As do all good divination methods, Tarot operates on the principle of random cards being laid into a ‘card spread’. Each card means something different as does the position they are laid.

Tarot (pronounced taro) is often used as a focus for the psychic to hold her/his consciousness while she/he receives psychic flashes of information. Tarot cards are also useful for timing as certain card spreads give an indication of when incidents occur.

The best readings are those where a professional experienced psychic uses the tarot, as her/his readings will be different each time they read, even if they pick up the same cards. The psychic will also be picking up psychically which will change the interpretation of the reading. Tarot is offered by most of our psychic readers.

Author: Rose Smith