Job Tips for Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces – Water Signs

Cancer Water Sign

Job Tips for Cancer ( June 21st – July 22nd )

Naturally emotional and nurturing, those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer are most happy when using these qualities in their work. Watery Cancer is ruled by the Moon and with six eclipses this year, there will be an overabundance of emotional energy to process.

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Scorpio Water Sign

Job Tips for Scorpio ( October 23rd - November 21st )

Secret agent Scorpio… you can keep secrets! Scorpios are ruled by two planets – Mars and Pluto – action and power! This explains the simultaneously intense and magnetic attraction that some people feel around you! You exude an aura of mystery and would be equally at home doing top shelf negotiations or spying.

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Pisces Water Sign

Job Tips for Pisces ( February 19th - March 20th )

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune which naturally inclines Pisces towards art, spirituality, metaphysics and music. As Pisces is the oldest sign in the zodiac, Pisceans naturally have some wisdom deep within, although they may not always think so and may struggle to find it sometimes!

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Author: Rose Smith