Job Tips for Pisces

Job Tips Pisces

Natural Wisdom and Creativity

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune which naturally inclines Pisces towards art, spirituality, metaphysics and music. As Pisces is the oldest sign in the zodiac, Pisceans naturally have some wisdom deep within, although they may not always think so and may struggle to find it sometimes!

Pisceans are emotional creatures ebbing and flowing like a river. A life challenge for them is to be grounded in physical reality and not get swept along with the tide of passing energies of the collective. They can have a ton of brilliantly creative ideas but how to make them physical is also another challenge to be reckoned with.

You dear Pisces are also often passionate and sensitive. They seek to express these qualities to others for ‘no man is an island, especially a Piscean!

Best Job Tips – Pisces Might Consider:

  • Artist, musician and the creative arts generally
  • Spirituality based jobs including psychic reading and astrology
  • Healing either alternative or allopathic. Many positions in healthcare suit Pisces
  • Colour therapy
  • Welfare and social work
  • Any job where Pisces can put their listening skills to good use
  • Jobs in human resources
  • Designer – fashion, jewellery, home stylist etc
  • Jobs in non-profit organisations

Downer Job Tips – Pisces Should Avoid:

  • Working in a job that gives no outlet for Pisces’ sensitivity, intuition or empathy
  • Any job where Pisces is not free to use their natural instincts
  • Jobs involving constant analytical work
  • Jobs with high stress or lots of time deadlines
  • Jobs with little or no interaction with other people
  • High pressure sales positions with required quotas

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Author: Rose Smith