Image of a Young Girl Surrounded by Butterflies and Sparkles

Date: 06.12.18 Author: Abbey Lenton

I Told My Parents How I died

Have you ever had one of those moments where your child has said something that made your hair stand on end? Then read this interview with Rose Smith and Abbey Lenton from Rose explains about Past Life experiences.

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What Can You Do About Workplace Bullying?

Date: 29.08.18 Author: Thomas

What Can You Do About Workplace Bullying?

If you front up to work every day feeling angry because you have bullying in the workplace… you are not alone! It is a sad fact of life that workplace bullying is insidious and seems to be on the rise in today’s world. Read this great article from Thomas.

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image of a woman in the cold winter feeling moody

Date: 17.06.18 Author: Rose Smith

How Does Winter Affect Our Moods?

We can never underestimate the link between people’s overall well-being and the weather. When temperatures plummet, so too can our moods. Read these great tips from Rose Smith to help you cope with your feelings during the colder months.

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the Today Show hosts on Channel 9 Australia interviewing Rose Smith for 2018

Date: 27.12.17 Author: Rose Smith

2018 Horoscope Predictions

Your 2018 Horoscope prediction is revealed in this interesting interview with Rose Smith on the Today Show at Channel 9. 2018 is forecast to be a year full of interesting and powerful energies. Expect lots of positive change… and challenges too.

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image of rose smith doing an interview on sunrise channel 7

Date: 01.01.17 Author: Rose Smith

Predictions for 2017

Whilst 2016 seemed to have been a not so favourable year, the year 2017 brings many promises for everyone! 2017 is a One Year. It is all about moving forward…even for our politicians! Watch Rose Smith’s interview with Sunrise Channel 7.

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image of Rose Smith on Today Extra Channel 9

Date: 12.12.16 Author: Rose Smith

Prepare Yourself this Christmas 2016

We are about to experience the 3rd biggest Supermoon of the year this Xmas 2016. Emotions will be supercharged at this time. You might be feeling frazzled or experience family flair ups…Don’t worry. This is a time to let go of things that are not serving you.

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image of an unkind man treating a customer badly

Date: 14.06.16 Author: Rose Smith

Why Are Some People Unkind

Why are some people unkind? We have to remind ourselves that it is never about us. Usually those people who lash out with unkind or rude behaviour, generally don’t feel very good about themselves. Being unkind can be a side-effect of being depressed.

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image of the road showing moving from the year 2015 to 2016

Date: 31.12.15 Author: Rose Smith

Predictions for 2016 and Beyond

Want to know what’s happening in 2016? Then read Rose Smith’s predictions for the year 2016 and beyond. Find out what’s trending, what are the best job choices and so much more, to prepare yourself for 2016.

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image of a beautiful woman representing the future in 2016

Date: 31.12.15 Author: Rose Smith

The Future for 2016 Video

Want an overview of some of Rose Smith’s thoughts and psychic visions concerning the future? This video highlights the important trends emerging in 2016, including what are the best job prospects to pursue to help secure your future. Thought provoking!

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image of woman happy talking on the phone to a psychic

Date: 15.12.15 Author: Rose Smith

The Benefits of a Phone Psychic Reading

Many people ask, “how can a psychic accurately read for me over the phone?” Believe it or not, you will actually get a better reading by a phone psychic. Why? Well one reason, is that the psychic cannot see you, so can develop no preconceived ideas about you.

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