Crystal Readings

image of beautiful crystals

Some of our Psychic Readers conduct Crystal Readings using crystal cards and crystals to assist with all manner of emotional, spiritual and physical challenges. Crystals also amplify the energies whether they are used for healing or reading. Crystals are also widely used in the electronics industry for their amplification properties.

Some readers channel through the crystal by holding it to their third eye while they read. Other readers use a crystal ball. The crystal most often used for this is polished quartz which is a great amplifier. This is termed “crystal ball scrying”.

Try sleeping with amethyst under your pillow to enhance your psychic abilities or rose quartz in your bed for general healing. Don’t forget to regularly clean your crystals by leaving them for a few hours in the sun or take them to the beach for cleansing in the ocean. Salt water works just as well if you can’t get to the real thing. You can also ‘bake’ them under a full moon to enhance their effects.

There are many different types of crystals from the well known types e.g. quartz, tigers eye, calcite, and jade to the less known such as meteorite which apparently assists with amplification of cosmic forces.

Author: Rose Smith