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Dream Interpretation

image of beautiful woman dreaming

Dream Interpretation goes back hundreds of years. Sigmund Freud called dreams the “Royal Road to the Unconscious”. The unconscious communicates through dreams often in the form of symbols. It talks in a foreign language, one that must be learnt in order to understand messages from spirit. You need to sleep so that you can dream.

The purpose of dreaming is to process emotional contents from the past. If you have had an abusive background, you need to sleep more than the average person to heal yourself of past trauma. Lack of dreaming is deleterious to emotional and spiritual health.

Some dreams are in fact premonitions of actual events (sometimes these events are disastrous e.g. plane accidents). You should take all disaster dreams seriously, meditating in order to ascertain their exact meaning. Try seeking out someone knowledgeable you can discuss your dreams with and study up on dreaming. Form a dream group in your local area so you can discuss your dreams with likeminded people. You can write your dreams down, preferably in the morning before the hurley burley of the day interferes with your memory.

Carl Jung was a student of Freud and developed his dreamwork theories considerably. There are many books available; I would not recommend reading Jung’s works directly however, as they are very involved. Find an author who has studied Jung and summarised his work.

You can remember your dreams more easily, if you don’t move your body the second you wake. Rather stay in the feeling of the dream and don’t open your eyes. As you are going to sleep, you can also “mentally program” yourself to remember your dreams by simply repeating an affirmation such “in the morning I will remember my dreams clearly”. As you fall asleep, try doing this in the place where you are neither awake nor asleep. You are still alert however completely relaxed. Freud called this “the preconscious zone” and this place of limbo is where you can accomplish a great deal of healing.

Rose Smith
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