image of energy from hands on pink background

Clairsentience simply means “clear presence”. Our Psychic Readers can feel with their own bodies what others are physically feeling. This is very useful for people having physical problems with their body or picking up pregnancy. Clairsentience is great for people developing their awareness in “body intelligence”.

Clairsentience is helpful with grounding and balancing the polarity of spirit and earth. Clairsentience is also used by specially trained “medical intuitives” to assist the medical profession with difficult cases. This form of diagnosis is becoming more accepted and is used in hospitals in the USA. Carolyn Myss is a leading exponent of medical intuition and specialises in diagnosing illnesses. Practitioners of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) other energy medicines and massage therapists often feel physically what their clients are feeling.

How many mothers ‘feel’ what their children are feeling? Clairsentience is more common than we think. Check out our psychics here to see who uses Clairsentience in their psychic readings.

Author: Rose Smith