image of women with energy flowing from ears

Clairaudience simply means “clear hearing”. Our Psychic Readers will hear communications from spirits and guides, sometimes sounding as if they are in a tunnel or sometimes as if the spirits are in the same room.

Many of our psychics use this form of communication and it is especially useful when combined with clairvoyance and clairsentience. Clairaudience or “hearing voices” has sometimes been misdiagnosed as a symptom of mental illness. In fact for a diagnosis of any form of mental illness, a range of characteristics has to be observed, one symptom in itself is not sufficient. Medical Practitioners use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual to help determine mental illness and typically something like six symptoms from a number of categories must be present.

You are NOT mentally ill if you hear voices and have no other symptoms from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual e.g. suicidal ideation or depression. You need a professional spiritual healer to guide you through the process of awakening to your psychic abilities. You should of course seek medical advice if anything is worrying you or if you have a history of established mental illness.

Sometimes clairaudience can occur when you are asleep. I have been woken during the night on many occasions by loud voices giving me a message that I was too busy to hear during the daytime. If you are hearing voices, don’t stress, find someone to help or check out our psychics who can tell you first hand of their psychic experiences and what to expect.

Author: Rose Smith