Automatic Writing

image of old fashioned pen and photo of young girl
Psychic Janet who is one of our most experienced channels offers Automatic Writing for our clients. Essentially, Janet channels the energy down through her crown chakra into her hand which then comes out as writing. Janet is unaware in her mind as to what exactly will come out onto paper until she has actually written it.

Sometimes she will have clairvoyant flashes with the automatic writing, however for the most part, Janet’s main method of divination centres around automatic writing

You too can practise a form of automatic writing yourself, by using the “2 pen” technique. Sticky tape two pens of different colours together, with the ballpoints both facing the same end. If you use a red pen and a black pen, you can ask questions with the black pen, then turn the pens around and when you are in a meditative altered state of consciousness, answer your own question with the red pen. You will get some amazing relevations using this technique. The important thing to remember is to allow whatever comes out of your subconscious to express itself via the red pen.

Do not judge whatever comes, it may be just pages of nonsensical information such as aaagh, aaaagh etc. If you practise allowing the free flow of information, eventually you will start to receive valid information. Sometimes this will be in a type of code, other times the answers will be straightforward. Have some fun trying this just when you are about to fall asleep; it makes for interesting dreaming.

Author: Rose Smith