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Chakras and Colour Therapy

image of the chakras on meditating silhouette

Chakras simply put, are energy power switches. They switch energy on and off to different parts of your body. Colour Therapy involves using colour to uncover problems in particular chakras. One method of doing this is using Aura Soma.

All colours vibrate at certain frequencies and these frequencies can be used to help people feel better. Did you know that some rooms inside Australian gaols (jails for our USA visitors) are being painted pink! Observations were made of inmates behaviour to see how they responded to certain colours. Painting the rooms blue caused higher levels of depression in some inmates, red made them more hyperactive (not a good thing in gaol!).

Did you also know that colours such as orange, yellow and red can make people feel more hungry? That is why MacDonalds uses these colours in their restaurants – to get you buying more food.

Pets and people often like green as it makes them feel relaxed and peaceful. Green represents growth.

Certain chakras correspond to different colours:

• 1st chakra also known as The Root or Base Chakra is red for vitality and life force. Problems here can relate to
lack of money, security and safety. Life itself may be threatened if there is a major blockage of energy here.
People with reduced energy here often live in precarious or dangerous situations.

• 2nd chakra is orange relating to creativity, reproduction and sex, the motherhood principle, nurturing etc. Being
rather than doing. Female and wonderful!

• 3rd chakra also called the Solar Plexus is yellow and relates to personal power, control issues and authority and
the fatherhood principle, achieving goals and getting things done. Doing rather than being. Male and Mighty!

• 4th chakra also known as the Heart Chakra. Relates to earthly love which is emerald green and spiritual love
which is a beautiful shade of pink. Emotions often carried here include grief, despair and loss which will cause
this chakra to shut down. Feeling rather than thinking.

• 5th chakra also known as the Throat Chakra. Relates to self-expression such as singing, writing, talking etc.
and is a vibrant blue.

• 6th chakra is also called the Third Eye. Relates to psychic abilities particularly clairvoyance.  It is Indigo blue, (a
type of dark blue). It enables you to see past, present and future in multiple dimensions.

• 7th chakra is called Crown Chakra. It is white or sometimes a pale mauve. This is where all the chi force (or life
force) enters the physical body. This chakra relates to the mental faculties and thinking. It is very important; a
blockage here could affect the entire body. Thinking not feeling – where many western people live!

It should be noted that Chakras change colour. My Heart Chakra for example is often Magenta in colour and has been for many years (magenta is the combination of pink and purple, spiritual love and spirit from the crown chakra). When we experience problems in our lives, our chakras will turn murky and often change colour to a grey or dull brown. Particular chakras will be affected depending upon the problem. For example relationship difficulties often stem from blockages in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakras. That is the chakras relating to sex, power, control and love.

In general brighter clear colours are healthier than murky dull colours. Sometimes when you are really clear, certain chakras may appear sparkly, iridescent or opalescent. This is really, really good! Congratulations, you’ve got your act together as these are very high frequencies. Other standout colours are metallic gold and silver, this means you have really cleared an issue somewhere in that particular chakra. This area of your body is vibrating at a higher rate.

To have a happy and healthy life, all chakras must be balanced. That is one chakra should not override another chakra. Chakras should be an integrated system sharing energy in a balanced and harmonious manner throughout the body.

There are also chakras outside the body that exist in non physical dimensions, above our crown chakra and below our root chakra going down into the earth. The Universe is also ‘growing’ new chakras in our bodies e.g. Turquoise between the heart and throat which relates to loving and trusting our own self-expression. Another new chakra coming through is Lime Green between the solar plexus and the heart. Many more people are now reporting seeing these colours as new chakras.

Pets have chakras roughly corresponding to humans in both position and energetic frequency (yes this is correct – I’ve seen them!) and therefore they experience similar emotions.

If you want to know more, have a psychic reading from one of our psychics specialising in colour therapy or clairvoyance.

Happy Chakra Clearing,

Rose Smith
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