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Clairvoyant Readings – For Your Guidance

What are the Abilities of a Clairvoyant

So you might be thinking about What are the abilities of a Clairvoyant? These are special individuals who have the gift of seeing beyond the physical realm (second sight). The tradition goes back many centuries and they interpret the energy of a person’s aura and in other normally unforeseen realms. During a channeling, you can be provided with guidance and answers to help you find clarity in difficult situations. This can help you to drop the burdens you may have been carrying on your shoulders.

Whether it’s for personal growth or just finding out what lies ahead in your future, a session can be very enlightening and empowering. A good reader can give you options while providing valuable insights into your future. Having a clairvoyance session can help you discover hidden truths that bring peace of mind, inner strength, and clarity. Besides that, a problem shared is a problem halved and once you know the truth, you will never be the same again.

Friendly Clairvoyant using her tools to do a psychic reading

Abilities of a Clairvoyant: Definition

The term clairvoyant is the French word for “clear seeing” or “clear sight”. It is a term used to describe someone who has the natural gift of being able to see or channel visions of events, people, and places that are not ordinarily visible. These pictures of the mind may appear like a film in front of the reader’s eyes. It’s fair to say a genuine reader may sense or see information that others cannot. Channels often use their talents to gain access to future events and situations and to provide guidance on particular issues. These insights can be used to help resolve past traumas and uncover hidden information.

Those who possess this natural gift can be able to pick up on subtle energy from other people or from objects in their environment. This gift can be used for healing purposes, spiritual growth, intuitive development and more. Good channels can give you the advantage of becoming more conscious about your choices in personal development, relationships, career, travel and even more. For medical matters, we always advise clients to seek assistance from a medical professional.

Unlocking the Power of Clairvoyance & the Other ‘Clairs’

Uncovering the Different Types of Psychic Ability – Do You Have Any of These Gifts?

Clairvoyance is a type of psychic talent and is known as ‘one of the clairs’.  There are other talents including:

  • clairaudience which is the talent of hearing clearly
  • claircognisance is the skill of knowing something clearly in an intuitive manner
  • clairgustance is the experience of tasting something in the spiritual realms
  • clairaliance is the skill of smelling something in the ether
  • clairsentience means the person can feel it physically in their body

Although many people may claim to have these esoteric skills, most do not have these talents to a professional level. It takes years of study, practice to hone one’s skills sufficiently to be able to receive accurate perceptions. Read more about Developing Your Psychic Abilities on our website.

Mystical woman with large eyes and ornamental mandala on forehead

Psychically See Beyond the Veil

True seers may see actual events or people and other times they see symbolic representations which they must interpret. Sometimes symbology can be confusing but a good experienced practitioner has learned their own symbolic language so they understand what their visions represent.

As well being able to see things, seers offer good and practical advice to help the seeker onto a happier healthier path. Seers inspire and motivate others in a compassionate and non-judgemental way. They give good wholesome wisdom regarding what they energetically ‘pick up’ from Source Spirit and can teach you how to attract a healthier energetic reality.

Ethical Considerations

Working well with a clairvoyant requires special consideration. It is important to remember that the reader will provide you with advice – not make decisions for you. Readers should not be used as substitutes for professional medical or psychological services. Channeling is an ‘alchemical container’ and a special type of magic takes place as it holds energetic emotions. These energies will transform within the sacred vessel of the space between the two parties. Consequently, all information discussed should remain confidential and not be shared without the express permission of both parties.

Additionally, it is important to make sure that any reading services are offered in an honest and ethical manner at a fair and reasonable price. Finally, in order to receive a quality result, it is essential to choose a reputable and experienced reader who has your best interests at heart. If you think about these things first, you can maximize your chances of having successful outcomes in your life.

Awaken Your Own Inner Experience

Developing Your Own Abilities

Our genuine readers from Australia and other countries encourage, teach and mentor clients, teaching them how to develop their own clairvoyant powers and intuition. People often call us in order to develop their own skills. You may feel sometimes it’s necessary to go a bit experimental in a meditative space and see what happens. We do caution you however to use ‘protection’ especially, if you’re new at this. Pay attention to your dreams also. It’s possible you could come across things you may not expect.

Give us a call to utilise one of our experienced psychics as a guide on your journey, they will help you to develop and listen within.

When You Need Psychic Readings

It’s quite normal at times to feel lost and depressed after a traumatic or sad loss however, getting stuck in those emotions can be a red flag in the long term. Many of our callers have then experienced enlightenment in their feelings, thanks to the gift of Grace. You can read more about our psychics and the abilities of clairvoyants on Our Psychics page. If you’re not sure about phone psychic readings, get an email reading instead.

Find out more about becoming psychic and developing your Spiritual Gifts.


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