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How To Develop Your Clairvoyant Abilities

Clairvoyance & Other Psychic Abilities

Do you feel you have clairvoyant & other psychic abilities but you’re not sure where to start? If you can ‘see things in Spirit’, past, present or future… then you may be clairvoyant. It’s one of the psychic gifts where you can gain insight about anything without relying on your normal 5 senses.

The physical 5 senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste have corresponding spiritual correlates also known as the ‘clairs’. These are normal psychic powers making up part of our spirituality:

  • clairvoyance – is the ability to see into the future in the Spiritual or physical realms. This ability can also be used to see into the present or past.
  • clairaudience – hearing clearly.
  • claircognisance – knowing something clearly in an intuitive manner.
  • clairgustance – the sense of taste in Spirit.
  • clairalience – the sense of smell in Spirit.
  • clairsentience – the sense of feeling something in the spiritual world physically in your body.

Clairvoyant Psychic Abilities

In this short video, Rose shares a very simple tip on how we can tap into our Clairvoyant & other psychic abilities and ‘open up your Third Eye’ to develop your skills. Repeat practice leads to a higher rate of success, so do practice on your friends and family.

Meditation stills and opens the mind and body to higher states of consciousness. Additionally, divination practices such as tarot readings or scrying can also provide valuable insights into hidden knowledge. It takes a lot of practice over an extended period of time, but it’s worth it. Finally, keeping a journal of any visions or experiences can also help strengthen your intuition and understanding of these powers. With patience and dedication, anyone can hone their inner vision and work towards becoming more psychic.

Watch the video below for psychic development tips.

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