How to Pivot Your Way to Mega Manifestation Success

image of the soul energy surrounding a woman who is concentrating on manifestation

Looking for success in your life? Then read further to find out how to go about it…

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Wow that’s a mouthful of a heading isn’t it? Let me explain what these terms mean exactly and how you can change your direction to get onto a pathway of mega manifestation success.


is a term often used in business start-ups. Basically, it means if something is not working, then change one element at a time, test it and then review your change. After every little change, adopt an attitude of testing the change and then wait and see what happens. If it’s not working, then change more elements but one at a time, to pivot your way to mega manifestation success.

Here are some situations where you might do this:

  1. Improve your finances by measuring how much money you have, measure your incomings and outgoings, then change something to improve your situation, wait and see, then measure the change in your circumstances again. Hopefully, something has improved, but if it hasn’t then move to a new idea. Don’t keep trying the same old same old. Write everything down so you can more easily analyse the situation, you might even use a spreadsheet if there are a lot of factors.
  2. Relationships can be improved by deciding what factors are important to you. For example, you might like to receive little gifts from your partner. Tell your partner and see if he/she starts giving you gifts. If not, then you know you have to ‘pivot’ and try something else. Approach the problem from another angle for example, buy yourself gifts, show your partner and tell him/her how much you are enjoying your new gift. Keep trying different angles until you realise a. It’s working or b. It’s not. If you can’t find a way to make it work, you might have to learn to live with your partner’s shortcomings and/or your own expectations. But at least you’ve tried and if you keep trying things and nothing works then you might need to investigate the foundations of your relationship. In your heart of hearts, ask yourself ‘is this the best relationship for me? Am I manifesting success?’


is slang term for excellent or really large. So we’re not just talking about manifesting what you want in life, we’re actually talking about exceeding your expectations so that you get more than you thought you wanted!


is the ability to make your wishes come true. Whatever you wish to do, you can make it real and make it physical. Your thoughts, your emotions, your actions and your Soul create your reality. You do have control over what you think and how you act and to a lesser extent some power over how you feel. Your Soul brings a mega volume of energy from your total history on this Earth plane including your past lives and also your energy on other planes of existence. So it’s up to you to take a balanced combination of energy from these four realms to manifest your true heart’s desires:

  1. Soul energy across all dimensions in space-time and beyond. You can meditate your way to success by Spiritually releasing energies that no longer serve you;
  2. Mental energy which is basically ‘what goes on in your head’. You can think positively and optimistically about what you want and not allow doubts and/or fears to rule you;
  3. Emotional energy which is spread throughout your body and aura. You can feel your way to manifestation through your emotions. For example get excited and be happy about what you are going to receive;
  4. Physical energy contained within your body and your actions. You must act appropriately at the right time to manifest what you want. Live as if you really know at a deep level that your true heart’s desires are currently being manifested.

Law of Attraction…

basically says you get what you focus upon. The more you think about something, the more likely you are to get it. This is true but only to a point. Thinking alone does not give the full manifestation picture. Remember, there are three other realms to consider and to utilise if you want to manifest something special in your life. The Law of Attraction alludes to the fact that in creating your true heart’s desires, you magnetically pull those desires towards yourself.

True Heart’s Desires…

are not always what you think! Sometimes the Universe protects you from what you think you want. An example I hear about a lot is when a woman falls in love with a man who is no good for her. The Universe will stop the union to protect her from what she thinks she needs. We can all fall through the cracks between heart and head as this is the longest and most difficult journey to make.

True Heart’s Desires are those desires originating from the Soul not from the loins! The heart is the meeting place of the opposite energies of Soul and Physicality. When love is held there, eventually it transforms and releases old energetic patterns that may have sat long dormant for millennia. So there is a far bigger picture playing here than just what appears in this lifetime. Lead is alchemically turned into gold metaphorically speaking. Although it is often a painful process at the time of transmutation, after the event if we look, we can often see the wisdom of the Universe at work. From the dross of a broken situation comes valuable wisdom and knowledge for the future. We can then try again with the benefits of experience.

Be careful what you wish for is indeed a truism!


means different things to different people. Sometimes it is defined along the lines of “accomplishing your aims and objectives”. So success for some might be earning lots of money whilst for others it might be getting married and having children. Only you can decide what success is for you. Whatever makes you truly happy at the core of your being is probably a good definition.

Now think of an issue you are currently experiencing and write down every way you can:

  1. Pivot your way towards success;
  2. Use the Law of Attraction to magnetically attract you your True Heart’s Desires;
  3. Decide what you really want from the core of your Being, rather than just using your head;
  4. Think about and feel your way to what success really means to you and how you can use the four realms to pivot your way to success.

I wish you much good fortune as you change direction again towards your successful manifestations. Keep your eye on the prize and don’t give up when you are following your True Heart’s Desires. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and your True Heart’s Desires can take time to become physical realities.

Author: Rose Smith