How to Make Nasty Zombies, Aliens and Demons Leave

image of a woman trying to protect herself from negative people who show as zombies, aliens or vampires

Let’s be clear at the start… Zombies, Aliens and Demons do exist…

What’s more vampires are also around as well. The question then must be asked… ‘well where are they?’ The answer is ‘everywhere… and nowhere’. That’s because they exist in the Spirit world and mostly not in the physical world. We hear the odd news story about a vampire gone wild in the cemetery drinking blood, but mostly vampires are out of sight and out of mind along with zombies, aliens and demons.

So what’s this blog post about then? It’s about tried and true methods of removing spiritual entities that are draining you. It’s time for freedom and you can learn some easy and quick methods to release what I call – ‘spiritual wildlife’.

In short, if you were walking in bushland and came across snakes, ticks and leeches, you wouldn’t touch them, in fact you would steer well clear (at least I hope so!). These creatures are not evil – they are less evolved and just going about their snake/tick/leech like ways minding their own business looking for a feed. Viola… you come along with your fresh smelling deodorant, newly washed hair and powdered feet and wham bam thank you ma’am… they jump straight on to you for a long awaited feast. You smell so good so what else would one expect? They just want a little bit of you.

And so too with spiritual wildlife. They only appear evil as they have been in the darkest reaches of your subconscious for so long and they are usually very unevolved. They ‘see’ your light and they want some of your energy, so jump on to you for a feed and a free ride. They can only get on to you if you are vibrating at some level in your subconscious, at a similar frequency to them.

If you live a relatively clean life and associate with others living clean lives, then the chances of any new life drainers getting a bite of you are lessened but not completely avoidable. Spiritual entities are everywhere. Also, we incarnate to this planet with spiritual entities already attached through our ancestral lineage or through gestation and/or the birth process itself. So a certain amount of spiritual free loaders is normal and sometimes they can in fact help us in some respects.

So let’s name and explain them. Notice I didn’t say ‘name and shame’ – that’s because they, along with everything else in the universe, should be treated with some level of respect as everything has a job to do… even evil itself.

Evil makes a situation intolerable. It’s something that brings up extreme emotions such as fear, loathing, anger, disgust and all manner of other emotions. Evil gives us an emotional detox and takes us on a path where we would prefer not to go. But it is often the Universe’s last ditch effort to teach us something or to release something that could not be released any other way.

So let’s talk about spiritual wildlife – zombies, aliens, demons and vampires (ZADV’s). There are other entities too but let’s concentrate on these most popular agents of darkness…


Have been popularised by horror movies especially over the last few decades. There is an element of truth in the nature of these horror films. Zombies are the dead made live and are also known as the undead. They exist in some sort of in-between realm – not being dead or alive. These are the sorts of energies within our subconscious that have died but still don’t go away. An example might be an ex-partner whom we still dream about from time to time. The relationship is over, but still there is something there. The relationship is dead but it’s not buried. Sometimes, we still have feelings for someone even when they are out of our lives. These undead feelings continue to exist without reason, although in our heads we know it’s over. Not all feelings about ex’s are zombies, but some can be.

Zombie energies can also exist deep in our subconscious when we feel a large part of us has died. Sometimes life has dealt us a terrible hand and we may feel emotionally numb. This may be the case when someone close has passed over and a big part of our life has irrevocably changed. It takes time to catch up with the present reality and parts of us are still living in the past as independent complexes of energy outside the control of our personality.


Come in all sorts of sizes and shapes with all sorts of motivations. I have dreamt of them many times since my teenage years. Sometimes they help us and sometimes they hinder us… it depends on the type of alien. In general, any alien force which is dark or murky in colour is a hindrance.


Often appear with sharp teeth or claws. Sometimes they have hooks which can hook into our auras. Sometimes they have suckers that suck onto different parts of our bodies, particularly the back of the heart chakra or the head. Demons are usually darker in colour and can encourage us to do things we wouldn’t normally do.


Are fairly common and can inhabit people. They suck the life force from us. You know you’ve been with an energy vampire when you feel tired or drained after talking with them. They always come around when they want something and you won’t see them any other time.

Removal Method

1. Get Ready

Always focus on the light. Go to a quiet place without distractions and prepare yourself mentally. Say a little prayer or mantra before you begin removal of zombies, aliens, demons or vampires. Get into a relaxed meditative state and use some sort of protection ritual. For example, you might call on Archangel Michael for protection, tie an electric blue ribbon around a blue candle and light. Burn some sage or incense in the room before you start. Allow yourself plenty of time. Sometimes this work can take only a few minutes, other times it can take longer. Check your body and how you’re feeling regularly during this process. Sometimes ZADV’s can be felt in your physical body, so then you know where to put your attention and focus upon.

2. The Right Words to Say

a) If you are a Christian, you can call on Jesus Christ by saying “In the name of Jesus Christ, I now call up and cast out any and all zombies, aliens, demons and vampires”. You can even abbreviate to ZADV’s once you’ve had some practise saying it long form. If you follow another religion, use an authority figure from your faith. Or alternatively say:

b) “Calling up all zombies, aliens, demons and vampires, who are you? Who were you before that and who were you before that and before that, to the power of infinity all the way back to the point of creation. And who will you be in the future? (repeat “And who will you be in the future?” 2 more times). Thank you, depart right now and seek the original source of divine light”.

Then say a similar thing as b. above starting with “Calling up all groups and clusters of zombies, aliens, demons and vampires, what is your job? What was your job before that and before that and before that? What will your job be in the future (repeat “What will your job be in the future?” 2 times). Thank you, depart right now and seek the original source of light”.

We are basically showing the ZADV’s that change is possible even though they have been stuck for a long time and indeed you might even feel their ‘stuckness’ in yourself. If possible, it is a good idea to ask the ZADV’s what their names are and sometimes you will hear or become aware of a name. Where possible refer to them by name as they must respond. Try to the get individual ZADV’s to express themselves…you can talk to them and ask them questions such as:

  1. How long have you been there?
  2. How did you get there? What happened to allow you to come? Was there a specific incident that let you in?
  3. What you would like to say to me right now? This is a very important question because it gives the ZADV’s a voice and they have your attention. These are things that have never happened before.
  4. ZADV’s are a source of energy and knowledge and you can find out all sorts of things if you allow them a voice before sending them off to the light. Let them express themselves and they will gradually lose power.
  5. Write down all your experiences in a journal. For years to come you will have a source of spiritual knowledge.
  6. Rarely, you may have to come back several times to the same dark energy as it may be frightened to leave. Keep coming back and talking with it and it will gradually vent and lose power.
  7. Do not judge the ZADV’s, that is not your job. Just get on with providing suitable encouragement for them to leave.

3. Treat these Dark Energies with Respect

They are doing the job they were programmed to do. We can help them become free by shining the light of our conscious awareness upon them. Our attention helps them transform themselves and evolve into higher order energies. By helping them change, we change ourselves.

4. Be Grateful and Thank the ZADV’s for all they have done

Gratefulness and heartfelt gratitude is the key to success in dealing with ZADV’s. They never get thanked, no one cares about them, people treat them with anger and hostility. Imagine how that would feel – it makes the dark forces darker. Treat them with compassion and kindness and they will change, evolve and leave. Your own vibration will grow brighter along with theirs as a result of your compassion.

Happily track down ZADV’s and if in doubt or you feel unsure, go back to paragraph 2a) and say that simple statement. With practise, you will gain invaluable knowledge, wisdom and feel a lot better and lighter.

Author: Rose Smith