Protection Prayer

image of woman praying for protection

A Protection Prayer is a valuable tool to help you feel clear and protected whenever you wish to dispel entities or negative energy around you.

Psychic Angela, who specialises in helping her clients release negative energies, often recommends the use of this prayer around your home or workplace, for yourself or for others. In fact, Angela recommends you use this Protection Prayer any time you feel it could be helpful to you.

This prayer belongs to Spirit for the use of those in need and is owned by no one. It has been handed down over many generations from teacher to student and to clients. Angela shares this prayer with the intention to help you whenever you need it.


Read the prayer below aloud 3 times wherever or whenever you feel it is required. If you falter or you are unable to read 3 times unhindered, continue to read until you can read 3 times through.

Protection Prayer

“In the name of Jesus Christ I take authority over every demon and all demon activity in this place, in myself and all present here. By the power of the Blood of Jesus I bind all forces of the Air, the Water, the Fire, the Earth and under the Earth, and I claim the Blood of Jesus upon the Air and Atmosphere, the Water and Fire, the Earth and the Underground. And forbid any communication or interaction with any communication or interaction with Satan or any other evil spirit or person anywhere living or dead and I seal this room (place, person etc.) in the Blood of Jesus Christ.”

Prayer Tips

Alternatively if you are in a situation where you cannot say the Protection Prayer out loud, simply focus and repeat the words in your mind 3 times.