7 of Cups – Reaching out for Success

image of woman surrounded by 7 of cups

7 of Cups

If you feel drawn to the 7 of Cups card, this is a reminder to stay grounded and to set realistic goals. Avoid wishful thinking! Sometimes illusions are possible especially when wishful thinking is not grounded in practical reality.

You have reached a time in your life where you need to make changes so you can find happiness and fulfilment. You have been cruising along thinking everything is okay, and now something has happened to make you re-think your future.

7 of Cups is a reminder not to be afraid to ask for professional help to get you through this re-thinking. They can assist you in finding the cause of your feelings of unrest. Consider doing some meditation… this could be of help to you to clear your mind.

The 7 of Cups also indicates a feast or famine regarding your relationships. One moment you have no-one special in your life, and the next you may have several people who could be potential partners for you. Be very careful in your selection and choose one who will fulfill your emotional needs. Avoid looking at potential partners through rose coloured glasses.

If you are looking for a new job, the 7 of Cups card shows you will have several offers presented to you at the same time. Examine each offer carefully and make sure the job offer you choose will make you feel happy inside.

It’s all about reaching out for success or attainment. Sometimes, it takes effort or some type of sacrifice may be needed. It the end, you can be successful in some way – maybe not exactly how you originally thought. But you’ll make spiritual progress all the same.

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Author: Rose Smith