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Eight Friends Everyone Needs to Have

image of two women friends hugging

If we imagine the world as a pizza, life would be the crust. It’s the foundation of the pizza and supports everything else. But friends are the toppings – they’re what give it substance and make it taste so good.

To truly enjoy life for everything it’s worth, everyone needs a handful of people that they can always count on. There are eight types of friends that everyone should have:

The Best Friend

No matter how many friends you have, you should always have a best friend – that one friend who you can go to for anything. Whether it’s 3am on a weeknight and you need to chat, or you’re sick during a snowstorm and need some soup, this friend is always there. Your best friend should be loyal and trustworthy, and will likely know everything there is to know about you.

The Wild Friend

Though the world is vast and offers an endless array of places to see and things to do, many of us fall in the trap of our day-to-day routines. Therefore, we all need that one wild friend who’s down for anything. This friend will always be looking for their next adventure and will bring you along for the ride.

The Honest Friend

Good friends are nice and are always careful of protecting our feelings. But there are times in life when you need the brutally honest truth, and that’s why you need one friend who will always be honest with you, even if it’s going to hurt your feelings.

The Mentor Friend

Regardless of your career goals, you need a friend that you also consider a mentor. This person may be a few years older than you, but they’re leading a life that you admire. They may have even accomplished a few goals that you’re looking to achieve yourself. Your mentor friend should be willing to give you advice and guidance whenever you need it.

The Exotic Friend

Everyone should have at least one friend who was raised in a completely different culture. This friend will have an endless amount of knowledge to bestow, and they’ll do a great job of opening your eyes and showing you how other people live life.

The Opposite Friend

One of the most important friends you can have is someone who is your polar opposite. They can point out where your thinking is biased and provide another point of view in almost any situation. This friend will be particularly useful when you’re having issues at work or in your relationship.

The Neighbour Friend

You don’t need to know the names and birth days of everyone who lives on your block, but you should have at least one neighbour whom you consider a close friend. Whether you need an extra scoop of sugar for a batch of brownies or someone to walk the dog when you miss your evening train, a friend that’s close to home is always there to save the day.

The Work Friend

Most people spend at least one third of their time at work. To make 30 percent of your day much more enjoyable, you should have a trusty work friend who you can grab lunch or an afternoon coffee with. Work friends won’t just make your nine-to-five more enjoyable, they can also help you feel more connected to your job and solve difficult work problems.

With a circle of friends that includes these eight people, you’re bound to live a happy, fulfilling life. Which friends are missing from your life? Call our phone psychics at Absolute Soul Secrets to help you open your heart to more friendships at www.absolutesoulsecrets.com.


Rose Smith
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