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Animal Messages from the Bee

Animal Messages and Totems

The Bee

image of a bee flying low above bright yellow flowers

One of the most fascinating observations that I have made during the last couple of years, along with everything else that I am discovering about the awakening process, is learning about animal totems. Earth and nature are living energies and whether we are aware or not, the animals on earth are here to teach us. The fascinating fact about this is when we actually start to pay attention to any animal or insect, that stands out to us in our daily lives. We start to again realise that there is a lot more going on beneath the surface of what we think and see.

Bees are a great reminder that we are all part of a community. They teach us that if we stay connected to our passions and dreams, with commitment, we can succeed beyond our wildest expectations.

Take the time to appreciate and enjoy the sweetness of life. This is a very productive and creative time where you can bring your ideas to their fruition, so stay with whatever you are working on, and there will be a favourable outcome.

Rose Smith
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