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What is a Twin Flame

image of a woman and man connecting on a spiritual level

Most people who have experienced a twin flame relationship, often tell of an ‘unusual’ type meeting, with their twin flame coming into their life when they least expect it. Often making a strong and undeniable spiritual connection immediately.

These amazing twin flame connections often turn up in our lives at the tail end of difficult experiences, after a period of grief from the loss of a loved one or some kind of life altering experience. I feel this just adds to the magic of the experience. I feel it also speaks volumes regarding how powerful our thoughts, emotions and feelings can be. Frequently describing that in times of need, emotional upset, trauma, grief etc. those from your soul group will pick up your energy/vibrations like a signal from a light house.

Soul Mate and Twin Flames are often drawn into your path or plopped in front of you when you have experienced some major changes in your life. Usually when you begin to heal and love yourself again. When you let yourself find your truth and desires, striving for a positive and healthy direction. Aligning with your true direction allows those meant to come into your life to do exactly that! Your twin flame will usually arrive in your life, as if sent from above.

A lot of people get the Soul mate/Twin Flame part mixed up or confused. They both play a very important role in your life, and yet at times can be so totally opposite in their reason for being in your life. Soul Mate relationships may be held with friends, family, and yes definitely can be a relationship partner as well, but often have the tendency to be quite the Lesson Learning side of life. Soul Mate relationships can often be best described as the emotional roller coaster ride, as mentioned above they are about learning and teaching.

The Twin Flame relationship is more of an instant knowing. You can’t quite describe what it is that you know, but you know that you know it. It is an instant and often intense connection immediately. The Twin Flame relationship is deeply rooted in equality and balance, trust and an unexplainable feeling of knowledge about this person, as if you have known each other for many years or as I like to say – life times. You can often pick up on each other’s emotions, think the same things at the same time, and have walked very similar paths to each other. Often coming together in time with ‘The Right One’ after past and hurtful relationships or after making some dramatic life changes. The Twin Flame relationships are complementary to each other’s wants and desires and bring a unique balance to both your lives, with unconditional love and understanding.

I have had quite a few phone readings with the accurate and talented psychic readers at Absolute Soul Secrets. My psychic helped me to define and release old hurts that no longer supported my direction forward. I began to find my inner strength and learnt ways to point myself in the right direction again after my marriage broke down.

Below is a true story of how my life began to change after I made the decision to do something I had never been game to do before. I decided to let go of what hurt me, let go of what caused me confusion and fear, sleepless nights and emotional exhaustion. Let go of what was damaging not only to myself but also my children. I made a life altering decision and trusted things would work out for us. I drew a line in the sand, and promised myself that I deserved more in my life, my children deserved more in theirs, even if it was just the three of us feeling safe and being happy.

I made a decision to focus on myself and my children. I began to heal (through a lot of support and spiritual direction from the psychics at Absolute Soul Secrets). I focused on myself and my children’s direction forward, allowing ourselves to be the best we could possibly be.

Twelve months before meeting my twin flame, I had built up the courage to leave a violent and very unhealthy long term marriage. I was starting to enjoy life again a little bit at a time, allowing myself to heal and get back to the person I used to enjoy being. No longer the scared and broken person I had become through being abused for many years.

I had moved away with my children, I was a single parent in a place where I didn’t know a soul. I continued to work, and do the best I could each and every day for my children. I would walk the beach or go to the park and just stare at the birds or watch the clouds on my days off, allowing myself to release tears, anger, pain and sadness that no longer had a place in my life. I started respecting myself more and more and began thinking about life in the future.

I remember looking around at the small community that I had been accepted into, wondering how on earth I would ever meet someone new in my life. Not that I was looking, but in the twelve months I had lived in this new town, I hadn’t come across anyone who caught my attention. Yes, I had made a few new friends, but I was still very cautious as to who I trusted into my life.

My daughter had been unwell for a few days now, and I had exhausted all home remedies. Around 10pm my daughter woke me up saying she really didn’t feel well. I kept my eye on her for a little while longer, then decided to call an ambulance as I was unable to drive her to the hospital myself due to night blindness.

As the ambulance pulled into my driveway, I stood at the front door looking at the passenger sitting in the front seat. She seemed a little distracted at first, but then turned to look at me while nodding her head, as if to tell me everything was going to be ok. The other paramedic who had been driving, got out and made his way up the stairs toward me, while introducing himself. We both looked at each other and said at the same time ‘where do I know you from?’ We both laughed it off but we’re sure that we must have met at some stage earlier.

While holding the door open for him to enter, I asked how long the other paramedic would be to get out of the car, as I would have held the door open for her also, but wanted to go to my daughter at the same time. He looked at me strangely and calmly said “Ah I don’t have a partner, I work alone”. Feeling rather silly I looked back to the now empty ambulance. “I could have sworn there was a female paramedic sitting in the front seat, she was nodding her head at me as if to tell me I could relax now you were here”. Once again he smiled at me and said he was a single officer.

As he treated my daughter, we continued to chat comfortably and realised very quickly that our lives had woven a tapestry around each other for our entire lifetime so far. Holidaying in the same places at the same times, knowing some of the same people but never meeting each other before now. He dropped us at the hospital in a professional manner and left to go to another job.

We were sent home from the hospital in a taxi at 2am, saying my daughter had a tummy bug. I came home scratching my head. Trying to figure out what the connection with the paramedic was. I felt I knew him, I felt I knew him better than he knew himself. And what was with the passenger nodding her head at me one minute and gone the next?? Maybe I was starting to lose my marbles!!

Over the next two days my daughter remained unwell. Once again late at night I called the ambulance as she was in agony. The same paramedic turned up, and continued to chat along happily as if we were old friends. Turns out my daughter had to have her appendix removed, and the paramedic and I have pretty much been inseparable ever since. About six months later my partner asked me to describe the woman I saw nodding her head at me in the ambulance.

I told him what she looked like, hair style, glasses and complexion (the interior light in the ambulance stayed on after the driver door was shut). I told him she reminded me of a famous singer that we both knew of from our childhood. A smile came across his face and he went inside his house to collect something. He brought out a statue of his spirit guide that had been made for him at a psychic fair. She looked exactly like I had described, and he had always thought she reminded him of the singer I had mentioned.

The funny thing is a psychic reader once told me to write a list of the qualities I wanted to experience in my future partner. I thought it would be quite simple. I have had such a difficult past marriage that all I knew was what I didn’t want to experience EVER AGAIN! I decided to write the opposite of each experience I did not want to experience again, remembering the psychic’s words ‘be careful what you ask for, be quite specific in your wording.’ Three months later, after many tears, and many doubts about myself and my deservedness, I finally had my list. The emotions I experienced during the time of my list writing, were also part of my healing process, part of me realising that I wanted to and deserved to enjoy my life.

Where I had experienced violence in the past, I wrote – tenderness and patience. Where I had experienced being belittled in the past, I wrote – loved and supported in my life. I then decided to create affirmations that related to the special qualities I wanted to experience in my future with my partner.

I worded my affirmations like this: I am grateful for the fact that my loving partner is tender and patient with myself and my children. I am grateful for the fact that I feel unconditionally loved and supported by my loving life partner. I wrote that for all the points on my list. Even though I didn’t really feel this was going to happen at the time, I still put the intention out there. I put my list away and let it be.

After being together with my twin flame paramedic, I realised that he ticked all of the boxes I had put on my list, and then some! He had brought his own beautiful qualities that made me laugh, allowed me to see things from a different perspective and appreciate myself more, because I was appreciated by others. And the ‘be careful what you ask for’ was true as well. When it came to eye colour, it didn’t really bother me, so I wrote blue/green. When it came to hair, once again didn’t bother me, so I wrote sandy/brown? My partner has salt and pepper hair with eyes that change from blue to green depending what type of mood he is in. Ten years down the track we are still happily together, encouraging, supporting and loving each other.

In this time together we have both experienced some experiences eerily similar to ones that we had in previous relationships, but were able to help each other heal and bring closure to not only this experience, but also to some of the past hurts we never got to heal earlier in our lives.

Allow yourself a professional psychic telephone reading today, and see how your life unfolds in front of you in positive ways. Learn how to make a few simple changes or just change your direction and focus towards what you do want. The kicker to this all coming together, is to ALLOW it to happen. Just as I did, trust that things will work out for you, and be the best you can be each and every day. Not every day is a good day, but as long as you can be your best that day as well, then you are headed in the right direction. Remember allowing does take practise, but I was taught that practise makes perfect, so why not start today.

By booking a personal psychic reading you will find yourself headed in the right direction and get yourself back on track, enabling you to meet and enjoy the special people and amazing experiences destined to come into your life. You will be glad you did.

Rose Smith
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