Tuesday Tarot from 25th July 2017

Week from Tuesday 25th July 2017

Nine of Swords

image of sad woman holding a purple blanket representing 9 of swords tarot

Don’t dwell on negativity. You may have invested a lot of time and sacrifice in to a certain situation, however despite your efforts, accept that it won’t work. You may have to cut your losses and move on.

You can begin a healing process by shedding a heavy burden that has been weighing you down. Communicate your feelings to someone as this can be a big help for you as you prepare to move on. A professional counsellor may be the way to go.

The Nine of Swords also highlights female health issues. You may just be feeling a little unbalanced health wise. Don’t try to work out the solution yourself. Seek medical advice.

What you are going through now will soon pass. Your life will soon take a new direction that will lead to a positive outcome.

Author: Rose Smith