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Justice Tarot – What Goes Around Comes Around!

woman sitting blindfolded holding scales representing the Justice tarot card

The Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Upright Card

The meaning of Justice tarot card in a tarot reading is that natural justice and lore is on your side in any situation. It is a major arcana tarot card so it’s fairly important. When the Justice card appears, you should avoid  any hint of dishonesty and take responsibility for your actions. Getting this card is a good way to know you are on the right track rather than being wrong or mistaken. This is the case especially if you are involved in any legal matters. Justice indicates it’s time for fairness and being reputable. The truth will be revealed and good karma will eventually come your way as a result.

The Justice card could also indicate that you are about to enter into a contract, marriage or buy a house.

The Justice Tarot Card Description

Holding the scales in her left hand and a sword in her right hand – the woman has bare feet which suggests that you need to stay grounded. The owl tells us to listen to our inner wisdom and pay special attention to our intuition. The colour red means to take action when we have the required information. There is a lot of black which means some things are hidden or unknown, it does NOT mean evil.  It means all the facts are not known at this time. The scales of justice are weighed in the left hand which represents feminine divine justice. This will soon allow us to soon make a decision. The sword represents logic and the ability to think cutting through to the core issues. Balancing logic and intuition is important now and we need to use both.

The Justice Card in Relationship Readings

When this card appears in your reading regarding your love life, upright Justice card represents honesty. It’s a reminder that it’s best to be open and straightforward with your partner. Taking full responsibility for your actions is vital to the health of any relationship because this card is all about cause and effect. In love and romance, there’s also a likelihood that fair justice is coming regarding a current or past relationship.

The major arcana card Justice in your tarot reading is about natural lore not necessarily human law. However if you do have a legal matter, this energy helps. It does not necessarily mean you will win a legal case, but it does mean that spiritual energies are helping you now.

Pulling the justice card means above all, you are exactly where you need to be at the moment, the Universe has your back and is looking after you. Justice is served and your Higher Self knows this even if you don’t in your human mind.

Justice Reversed

When the reversed Justice card appears in your tarot reading it suggests injustice, unfairness and dishonesty. There may be a distinct lack of accountability and someone looks like they are getting away with something untoward. The reversed meaning is clear – the truth will eventually come out and Karmic justice will be done.

Reversed Justice in a love tarot reading can indicate someone isn’t being treated fairly when a fair and balanced approach would be best. Perhaps, someone is trying to avoid the consequences of their actions. Justice is about Karma with a capital ‘K’.

Justice card serves as a good indicator of morals, accountability and consideration for others as it clearly refers to the consequences of your actions.

If you have situations where justice is important, check out our other psychic mediums and clairvoyants here.

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