Job Tips for Virgo

Job Tips Virgo

Meticulous and Reliable

Fastidious Virgo you are ruled by the planet Mercury which gives you great communication abilities. You are also tidy, fond of hygiene and like to be organised. Virgos are true multi-taskers, deftly handling different jobs simultaneously, it’s almost as if you have eight arms like an octopus!

Virgos are meticulous perfectionists who like to get everything right. They can have a tendency to be overcritical, especially about themselves. Virgos don’t usually seek to be the centre of attention and they prefer to work behind the scenes being conservative and reliable.

Best Job Tips – Virgos Might Consider:

  • Medical jobs including nutritionist or acupuncturist
  • Jobs in the financial industry
  • Outdoors or environmental jobs such as being a farmer or forest ranger
  • Managerial roles or work involving organizational tasks
  • Jobs that need to be done to high or precise standards
  • A career involving numbers e.g. statistician, mathematician or accountant
  • A career in engineering including lab or computer technician
  • Jobs involving animals e.g. veterinarian or vet assistant

Downer Job Tips – Virgos Should Avoid:

  • Jobs in creative fields that can get messy e.g. artist
  • Plumbing or sanitation work
  • Open ended jobs without structure or schedules
  • Jobs frequently involving unpredictable or chaotic elements
  • Jobs where perfection is unobtainable or not even desired

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Author: Rose Smith