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Job Tips for Taurus

Job Tips Taurus

Intelligent and Organised

Enjoying the finer things of life, those born under the zodiac sign of Taurus are most happy working their way to the top and enjoying the rewards flowing from that success. Grounded Taurus is ruled by Venus who loves beauty and rules over finances. Just as well too… because Taurus loves the earthly pleasures and sensuality.

Taureans love to do their own thing in their own way. They don’t want to be told what to do so they need autonomy in their work. They are also very blessed as they have a wide choice of jobs that suit their personal qualities of determination, ambition and reliability. Taurus is the workhorse of the zodiac but they do it with intelligence and organisation despite whatever odds and trials they may face.

Best Job Tips – Taurus Might Consider:

  • Jobs in the construction industry such as surveyor, builder or project manager
  • A career in the culinary arts as a chef or restaurant manager
  • A managerial career in the musical, theatre or acting industries such as concert promoter or casting or publicity agent
  • High paying positions where Taurus is in charge. Taurus likes to be ‘boss of the wash’
  • Art director, interior design, or designing homes e.g. architect
  • Massage therapist as Taurus is interested in the body
  • A career in fashion or beauty such as modeling or sales
  • Outdoor jobs such as botanist, farmer, forest ranger or working in environmental protection

Downer Job Tips – Taurus Should Avoid:

  • Jobs where other people tell them frequently what to do
  • Jobs where lots of empathy is required such as counselling, welfare or social work
  • Jobs in the medical field dealing directly with sick people… dear Taurus your bedside manner can sometimes need work
  • Jobs which require a lot of patience

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