Job Tips for Libra

Job Tips Libra

Great Mediators and Negotiators

Naturally charming, seeking balance and peace, Librans love to be in pleasant environments with pleasant people. Librans are ruled by the planet Venus who encourages Librans to fall in love with the idea of love. They also like the finer things in life, so a well paid career is a must for the discerning Libran who loves beautiful things!

Librans enjoy intellectual and stimulating conversations with intelligent people and normally get along well with other air signs Gemini and Aquarius. Lovely Libra loves to fall in love through the art of intelligent conversation.

Best Job Tips – Librans Might Consider:

  • Public relations
  • Working in the fashion or beauty industries including hair and makeup
  • Mediation or negotiation industries
  • Librans make good life coaches, counselors, lawyers etc as they see many sides to a situation
  • Home styling or decorating
  • Any industry where aesthetics is important
  • Public speaking or advocacy
  • The wedding industry

Downer Job Tips – Librans Should Avoid:

  • Jobs where making lots of decisions very quickly is necessary
  • Jobs with lots of stressful deadlines
  • Working in ‘dirty’ jobs where they have to deal with poor hygiene or dirty conditions eg plumbing
  • Working with people who are unfair or manipulative
  • Gender dominated industries or jobs where there is bias towards any group of people
  • Politics or any industry where there is subterfuge such as spying as Librans prefer life and their work to be ‘on the up and up’

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Author: Rose Smith