Job Tips for Aquarius

Job Tips Aquarius

Naturally Rebellious

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and they are naturally inclined towards technology, electricity and rebelliousness. They are ‘big picture’ people and can sometimes seem a bit detached from emotions or other people’s realities.

Aquarius is naturally rebellious and can often find a better way than the status quo. They will therefore work towards pushing society forward through technology and science regardless of whether it’s ready or not. They are basically humanitarians at heart but prefer to deal with the collective rather than individuals.

Best Job Tips – Aquarius Might Consider:

  • Humanitarian jobs dealing with ‘big picture’ concepts
  • Science based careers such as meteorology, communications or electronics
  • Pioneering a new field or innovation
  • Innovative jobs especially involving technology
  • Jobs involving going against the status quo, that is with some form of rebelliousness against the current system
  • Anything involved with the internet
  • Doing different things every day

Downer Job Tips – Aquarius Should Avoid:

  • Working in a job with strict rules and procedures
  • Jobs where lots of self expression is involved, Aquarians are not as ‘out there’ as Gorgeous Geminis
  • Always being around the same people, or sometimes any people! Awesome Aquarians need some time out away from others
  • Jobs where lots of empathy or sympathy are required
  • Jobs with the ‘same thing different day’ type scenarios. Aquarians need lots of breaks from routine. They need stimulation from different sources.

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Author: Rose Smith