All for One One for All!

image of the earth nurtured by two hands. Butterflies, trees, the Earth. All for one one for all.

Deep Down We’re All Human (at least most of us are)

I’m not sure about everyone being human, but that’s another topic. And in this cosmic dance of existence, there’s a timeless truth that echoes through the ages: All for one one for all! 🌏🤝✨

However, often as we go about the hurly burly of our daily lives, we can lose awareness of our relationships with other people. We also lose contact with the Earth and her creatures great and small.

For most of us our own goals and what we’re trying to achieve seems all consuming causing our field of vision to narrow even further. We only see what’s directly in front of us – our specific goals and intentions. Maybe we’re focused on family and friends as well, but not all of us.

Alignment of Connections?

Here’s the my main point – our goals are frequently distinct from the rest of the population and the Earth herself. However, according to String Theory in quantum physics, we are all connected by energetic forces of light and matter. These particles are miniscule networks joining us altogether. We are individuals inextricably bound together in a living, breathing and organic universal sea.

This light play of matter and vibration forms the basis of interconnectivity on planet earth. Yet it so often goes unnoticed. In short, we forget that we are energetically connected. Consequently we become unconscious. We don’t know in our minds what exactly happens to our own energy. Yet, every second of every day, we release energy into both the physical and non-physical universes. But we’re completely unaware that we are part of this living network.

Psychic Insight – All for One One for All

On New Year’s Day a few decades ago, I received a “psychic flash” that there was a reciprocal relationship between the energy we put out and what happens on Mother Earth. The psychic awareness I received related to the fear that Western countries have focused on terrorism over the past few years and the terrible tsunami tragedy in Asia in 2004.

The lower energetic forces keep people and governments stuck on the fear point of terrorism, which is not helpful to the Earth or her family. Whatever we do, say, think or feel is a force in itself. These forces will express themselves in some way and we may not understand their exact energetic consequences. The Earth has her own intelligence and does things her own way just as our very earthly bodies are a microcosm of her and have their own corresponding intelligences. We are all invisibly connected.

It really is a case of ‘All for one one for all

a doodle of words and symbols for love and peace in pink, green and purple

Universal Lore: We Get More of What We Focus Upon

It is important to remember that whatever we energetically concentrate on; is what we will get more of. Attention brings Manifestation to a certain degree.

This may not however be a direct manifestation as it is the underlying energetic principle that directs the outcome. If we wish to win lotto for example, we may find a new source of abundant energy enters our lives. A new career, a new creative project or a baby may arrive.

Often we can be so focused on a particular outcome that we don’t hear what the Universe is telling us. Also, we may not understand the underlying energy that is directing our attention. Ideally, we can remember that everything and everyone are interconnected. If we are fear based in our desires then we will receive something back from the universe that elicits more fear.

What Goes Around Comes Around

What is important to realise is that we can choose to focus more on love and positive, nurturing, abundant vitality not fear nor the lower base vibrations of lack and poverty. This way we can connect more consciously with one another in open communication with open hearts. We can come to realise the full extent of our interconnectivity with each other and our wonderful home Planet Earth and her other animal inhabitants.

We can actually bring all for one, one for all into physical manifestation! Together, we can transform ideals into reality—one heart, one connection at a time. 🌏🤝✨

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Author: Rose Smith