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Looking for the Secret

image of womans beautiful eye looking in to the future

Have you wondered about all the ‘stuff’ around about the secret of life? Do you think positively, put your heart and soul into it and still things go wrong? Perhaps you think that it’s your fault because you’re not doing it right and everyone says positive thinking works and yet it doesn’t work for you? Welcome to the Secret!

You are not alone, welcome to the place where the majority of the population is at! Positive thinking on it’s own doesn’t work, it’s only part of the answer. You can think positively until the cows come home but there is more in the universe going on than what happens in our heads! There are other factors that influence our lives. Initially we determine the basis of our path before we even get here. When we are spirits before this present earthly incarnation, we decide the broad path our lives will take. As earthly humans, we cannot undo that we decided to become a male or a female, we cannot undo the family we were born into, we cannot positively think our way outside the broad parameters we have already set down before we got here.

No matter how positively I think and how much energy I put into becoming Prime Minister of Australia, it’s not going to happen this lifetime, as I haven’t put this scenario into my life path this time around. I don’t have the ability, the opportunity or even the slightest inclination. Let’s face it I’d make a lousy Prime Minister even if I could magically think my way there!   It’s just not me.

We do have free will and we can fill in the details of our lives using our own volition. Once we arrive in our family of origin, our lifetime’s finer brush strokes are ready to be added with different colours and ideas, however the basis of this lifetime’s picture, we have already determined as infinite spiritual beings. This is our karmic lot so to speak. It is only through evolution of consciousness that we are able to grasp increasingly more authority and free choice. We can evolve and change our karmic patterns, however it is a process we must go through which involves dealing with the darkness within. If we try to avoid it by only concentrating on the light, bright and positive, the darkness and negativity will erupt and we will lose the little control we think we already have.

The Only Real Secret

Positive thinking is only one aspect of what it takes to have a successful happy life. We can’t deny our unpleasant emotions, our spirit nor our physical environment. It’s very difficult to think positive thoughts if you are living in a hell-hole in Calcutta or you are being abused in an unhealthy relationship. The universe ‘hears’ our entire energetic vibration and not just our thoughts. Therefore we must attend to the unpleasant aspects while upgrading our energetic signature.

Balance is the key, there is no light without dark, no male without female; we must balance and integrate all that we are which will increase our overall vibration. The reality on this planet is that duality exists everywhere and we must come to terms with it. This means dealing with the dark side of human nature that includes really facing up to violence, evil, depression and other unpleasant aspects we all have. Living in the so-called ‘spiritual’ world of light and white positive thinking does nothing to get us out of this conundrum of illusion. We are called to have one foot in the cosmos (as we are infinite spiritual beings) and one foot squarely on the planet (as we have earthly existences). We must be grounded in physical reality and take care of real, physical practicalities like money, working and looking after children. An old Zen proverb says ‘before enlightenment, chop wood carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water’. In other words we must take care of the physical aspects of life no matter how spiritually advanced we are.

Embrace the Opposite Willingly

It’s not always pleasant being human, however our plunge into darkness can give us empathy and wisdom. We can relate to others in similar situations. How much would we grow if life was rosy all the time? We would have our nice cushy lifestyles and remain shallow only skirting about the surface of consciousness. There would be no real necessity to go down within and get dirty. It is the contrast of experiences that gives our lives texture and meaning. Having a great life with a seemingly fantastic partner, loads of money and everything we want might result in all of us becoming plastic celebrities who incidentally have no guarantee of staying positive. Even Paris Hilton is now being forced to come to terms with the very opposite energy to her entire earthly existence, going to jail. It’s healthier to embrace reality with all its discomfort and faults than deny it’s existence by living in a spiritual illusion of positive thinking and commercial hype.

The secret is secret no more so let’s get on with life and stop deluding ourselves into thinking that life is greener on the other secret side of the hill. Our spiritual higher selves are always within guiding us to the best lives we can have. We can accept our black, white and grey humanity acknowledging our shortcomings while increasing our energetic vibration through consciousness.

We are all cosmic works in progress attempting to raise our vibration as we live life on earth.

Rose Smith
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