I Ching Wisdom Oracle for the Whole World

image of tao buddha and pink orchid

Would you like to know more about a book of philosophy in oracle format, which has been in constant use since 2,850 BC? Would you like to gain advice about how to take a balanced, workable approach, in any given situation? Could you do with some help when making major decisions? If the answer is yes, then you could benefit by learning how to access an invaluable source of enduring wisdom, The I-Ching (or Book of Changes).

It has proved to be amazingly accurate, with the wording of the classic texts often describing your exact circumstances. It has saved many lives, helping travellers, politicians, government officials, planners for defence, emergency workers, etc. It has guided counsellors, psychologists and psychic readers. It can give excellent advice about relationship issues, marriage prospects, financial settlements, career choices, etc.

The I Ching originated in ancient China, but it is universal in nature being founded on philosophy call Taoism, which promotes harmony, unity, wholeness and balance. I have written a comprehensive version of this classic and has been used for thousands of readings with clients, over the past twenty years. I also use the Tarot in readings, as both systems employ very similar symbolic images and common themes. It is just that the Tarot is in picture form and the I Ching is in text form.

The wisdom of the Book of Changes was put into an oracle format, deliberately. For example, it was one of the few Taoist ­classics to survive the book burnings of the First Emperor of China in 213 B. C. He, like many Emperors, wanted to use it himself! The originators of the system were wise enough to present the material, in a form that appeals to people of all eras, nations and races.The book has been translated into many languages, spreading throughout the East, then the West.

What is Taoism?

The Tao or (Dow) implies; a Way of Balance, the Middle Path between extremes, a Way of harmonising with the Eternal or the Great Tao (the Ultimate Reality or God). It suggests travelling consciously towards a state of wholeness, rather than aspiring towards perfection. It has been described as treading lightly on the earth, or flowing with Life like water. Indigenous people particularly, seem to understand this concept. Taoism is not just a set of ideas from the past, but a way of being in harmony with the world right now. The critical need for such an approach to life has suddenly demanded our attention, with growing alarm about Global Warming. Hence Taoism is back, although people may not use this term. Taoism is also the basis of Feng Shui and Zen Gardens – both popular in Australia. Much of the sense of fun and naturalness of the original Taoism can be seen in the witty, charming and well-informed work by Benjamin Hoff B The Tao of Pooh, which is one of the best books on Taoism you could read.

Is it Fortune-telling?

The I Ching is designed to focus mostly upon the present. But the texts do suggest highly probable outcomes (because of seeds being sown now). Therefore the book is a predictive oracle, but mostly in the form of self-counselling. Obviously the I Ching cannot provide precise detailed advice for every enquirer, over the thousands of years of its use! Yet it does present vitally important key issues in a way that is clear, if used correctly. Thus, it can help you to find new solutions.

How do you do a Reading?

The original divination method for choosing texts was by using yarrow stalks, but I use a simple method, whereby various coloured beads, symbolising Yang or Yin Lines, are chosen. Lines are the texts you read. Each section of the I Ching (called a Hexagram) is made up six Yang or Yin Lines (or texts). The lines are just a shorthand way of referring to the energies in The Yin/Yang symbol shown above. The black half represents the more material or receptive energies of the universe, such as gravity, or ultimately a Black Hole. The white half of the circle represents the more spiritual or expansive energies of the universe, or ultimately the Big Bang of Creation. They are both ONE energy in Wholeness of Life (the Great Tao) symbolised by the surrounding circle.

By using a random method of divination, you allow the sub­-conscious to select the relevant text. This is simply a technique for bypassing the ego, which often blocks true insight. There are no magical forces at work. The real magic is that anyone can gain access to the subconscious mind by using such tools. The Swiss psychologist Dr. Carl Jung called this synchronicity, or a surprisingly significant, meaningful and relevant coincidence. He validated the I Ching as a useful method for tapping subconscious needs, desires or wisdom. (Another tool for a reader would be tuning into the archetypal images of the Tarot.)

To gain total clarity, it is essential to ask a specific question about a current issue of deepest concern. For this is what the I Ching will reflect back to you, regardless of what you ask. Also, take some action regarding the matter in question first, as you do have to be involved in the dynamics of a process.

I Ching readings can help you to align with inner truth, to attract true prosperity, to act with purpose and faith, to create mutually beneficial relationships and to boost your creative potential.

Quotes from Part II – The Tarot and the I Ching of “The Handbook to the Holistic I Ching” and “The Holistic I Ching” by Judith. Copyright © 1993.

Author: Judith