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What Women Really Want

image of couple relaxing and in love on the beach

Is he the one for you?

If only our psychics could get a dollar for every time they have been asked this question! Yet, this frequent question leads our psychics to understanding what women really want in a man.

Ladies, contrary to what the media is putting out there, you are not being fussy. It is great that you are feeling some type of connection with a guy but you are asking questions, just to be sure.

Based on our own relationship reading experiences (and information too on the wide world of the web), our psychics list the top 10 qualities that women are looking for in a guy. If your potential partner displays any or many of the qualities listed below, then he could be the guy for you.

1. Confidence/Ambition

Does he feel good/comfortable about himself? Is he self-assured? Is he striving to achieve at work, home or play? Men who portray themselves as ‘cocky’ (conceited in a bold or cheeky way) are most likely not attractive to women. Men who are confident yet respectful of others around them is a great quality.

2. Integrity

Is he a good man? Will he put himself out to help others? Does he act with integrity? Integrity is defined as the state of being whole and solid, as well as the quality of being honest and moral. Will he help a stranger in trouble?

3. Honesty

Women don’t like being lied to about important matters, especially when men lie about matters that will directly affect her! Be honest and transparent about important issues regarding finances, friendships and work. Don’t be too honest though. Women don’t mind the odd white lie now and then. If she asks, “Honey, does my bottom look too big in this dress?” please answer with an emphatic NO (even if this is not the truth). Brutal honesty is not wanted.

4. Understanding

We want you to love us on good days and bad days, happy days and sad days, warts and all. We all need some confirmation that we are worth loving. Women especially need to feel that you really love her, and not see her as perceived by other people. Having someone understand you is having someone know you completely for who you are. You are not afraid, rather you embrace every aspect of her personality, her quirks and her not too pretty days.

5. Caring

Guys, we need to know we matter to you. Nobody really wishes to be alone in this life. Having someone who genuinely cares for you and ‘has your back’ will help make her life a lot easier. She wants you to be there for her when she needs someone, to be there to share her burden. If she is not mentally or physically capable herself to deal with a trying time, she wants you to step in. On the other side of the coin she too will be there for you when no one else will.

6. Strength – both mental and physical

Face it guys. Women are attracted to strong men. This dates back to the cavemen days when women chose men who could hunt and kill the biggest dinosaur or be innovative (like the guy who invented the round wheel). She wants you to be strong not for the sake of being strong – she wants you to be strong for her. Make her feel safe and turn her on. Practise self control mentally and physically and you will most likely win her over.

7. Compassion

Do you love or embrace almost everything about life? Are you good and compassionate? This is not seen as a weakness by women. Whilst men are taught to be strong, sometimes this can translate to behaving in a spiteful and malicious way. Women do not like this. Rather, they find compassionate and good men who behave with love, compassion and consideration quite sexy.

8. Security

No she is not looking for a millionaire (o.k. some are) but for the most part, she is looking for a man who will provide for the family to keep her (and your offspring too if that is your wish) financially safe, healthy and comfortable. Not only financially safe, but physically safe too. Walking up a dark street in the middle of town late at night; she needs to feel safe in these situations too. Generally speaking, the right woman will love you for you, but she does need you to make her feel secure.

9. Loyalty

This goes back to the love her ‘warts and all’ bit. She knows she’s not the most beautiful or smartest woman in the world, but she needs to know you ‘have her back’ no matter what. Humiliating her in public is a no no. Offering the utmost support in private and public is a sexy quality in men.

10. Humour

Most women always mention this in their “What Women Want” list. Does this mean you need to be the life of every party? Absolutely not. Rather, can you connect with her by telling a good joke, or seeing the funny side of life? Women love this!

Rose Smith
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