The Real Law of Attraction

image of happy couple smiling at each other under bed covers

How can you get what you really want in life?

It is true to a point you are what you think, however thinking is just one energetic pathway and there are many pathways. Positive thinking in itself is not necessarily sufficient to change reality. It is a slow and unsure method towards the life we want. Sometimes we just think the wrong things because we don’t have all the information we need to make a correct decision. Or we think we want something and when we get it, we discover we really wanted something else! We are more than our cognitive ability; we are infinite and immortal Spirits having a physical experience.

The truth is that either sensory or emotional feeling comes before thinking. We do not in fact learn to think cognitively until we are around 18 months of age but we feel long beforehand, even in the womb before birth. Feeling is the secret ingredient to manifesting your reality. It is often missing in public information on the Law of Attraction. Our Spirit directs our feelings and our Soul compels us towards situations that will cause those blocked and rejected feelings to emerge.

So how do we get what we really want in life? How do we attract what we want? We must operate on at least four levels, four different realities, four universes or whatever you want to call them:

1. The Realm of Spirit

Meditate on your proposed manifestation in a relaxed and deep level of consciousness. A good time to do this is when you first wake up (without moving your body) or when you go to sleep at night. Listen to your Soul, it is the quiet and small voice that you really have to pay attention to. Your Soul will rarely shout out to you (unless it’s a life and death situation where you might get hurt).

2. The Intellectual Mind

Think positive thoughts whilst acknowledging the darkness, but don’t dwell on the darkness. Be realistic however do not focus on dark thoughts. They have power so do not amplify or place undue attention upon them.

3. The Emotional Body

There is a lot of power here that is not often accessed to get what we want. Use your feelings and direct emotional energy towards getting what you want. Follow your passion. If you want to help people because it makes you feel good, then focus upon those feelings of compassion and altruism. Or use feelings to get more connections going with people so you can help them too. Ask yourself “How can I direct these feelings to help people?”

4. The Physical World

Take physical action to achieve your dreams. We can all dream up any number of lovely fantasy stories about how we want our lives to be, but taking the correct physical action to enact those dreams is an absolutely necessary step of manifestation. You must work out something physical that you can do and take that step. Measure it, see how you are going with your plan and if necessary, tweak your plan along the way. Ask your Soul questions and the answers will come in time as you relax into yourself and your new found way of being.

You have the power of choice in manifesting how you want your life to be. So choose wisely and work towards your dreams in as many dimensions as you can. Start practising now.



Author: Rose Smith