5 Things You Should Not Do If You Love an Alcoholic

image of a woman struggling with alcohol

Every relationship has its challenges, and no two people are perfect together. But being in love with an alcoholic brings about a whole new range of obstacles. When one person in a relationship is an alcoholic and the other is not, there is a constant struggle of power, and balancing each partner’s needs becomes a top priority.

If you’re in love with an alcoholic, you need to find the line between giving them your support and ensuring your own happiness. There are five specific things that you should never do:

  1. Blame yourself.

    Your partner’s alcoholism is not your fault. No matter what anyone suggests, your partner is the master of their own life and wellbeing, and you are not to blame for their disease. If your partner attempts to pin their alcoholism on you, you need to get out of the relationship as quickly as you can.

  2. Try to “fix” your partner.

    It takes a trained, licensed medical professional to cure alcoholism. You can support your partner and be there for them when they need you, but you can’t fix their condition. Attempting to do so will only make matters worse and can actually hurt your relationship with your partner. If they refuse to seek help, you should revaluate your relationship.

  3. Hide your partner’s condition.

    Being in love with an alcoholic is extremely challenging. Do not make it harder on yourself by trying to cover up your partner’s disease. Be honest with your close family and friends – they’ll be able to help you more than you can imagine. Having a support system full of people who love you and are aware of your situation is crucial to your happiness.

  4. Accept the unacceptable.

    When you choose to remain in a relationship with someone who is an alcoholic, you have to establish a set of boundaries. If your partner ever becomes physically or emotionally abusive, you cannot use their alcoholism as an excuse – you must get out of the relationship immediately. Do not allow them to get away with wrongdoings because they are sick; they must be held responsible for their actions.

  5. Enable the addiction.

    The most helpful thing you can do is refraining from enabling their addiction at all costs. Do not purchase alcohol for your partner and do not lie to their family or friends about their drinking habits. Though it may be hard to “go against” your partner, you’ll only be hurting them in the long run if you enable their behaviour.

Though it’s not easy to be in love with an alcoholic, you can help them over their disease with the right love, attention and support. If your partner is going through treatment, praise their hard work and remind them of all they have to fight for.

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Author: Rose Smith